As I’ve been on a spiritual healing path for the past five years, my primary goal has always been to feel better, physically and emotionally. That’s it in a nutshell. Sounds pretty simple, and it’s not. It’s been an amazing and enlightening road so far.

In the year 2012, people were all abuzz about the end of the world and in spiritual circles, talking about the end of an era. The end of one age and the beginning of another. They talked about ascension: the raising of the frequency of Earth and everyone on her, transmuting negativity and living in more and more joy.

I’ve read a bit about this mysterious thing called ascension and what it promises for everyone who manages to attain it. Letting our human-ness fall away and walking in bliss every day. A world that lives in Unity, where everyone is awakened and aware that life isn’t the ego driven rat race that we now experience.

I’ve read interpretations from people who say as you return to the original spark of divine from whence you began, your problems will mysteriously fade away and life will be one big love-in. You will be able to instantly manifest whatever you want, whether it’s perfect health, or material things, because there will be nothing blocking those things from coming to you.

People spend their lives in meditation, going to workshops and retreats, searching, seeking, chasing this elusive thing.

I first met people who were all wrapped up in attaining ascension when I went to see a spiritual teacher speak. People followed this man and hung on his every message. Something I chuckled about as I listened to the amazing wisdom that he shared, was that I gleaned the same, or a similar awareness on my own, doing my own thing, not seeking ascension.

What that taught me was we can each create our own enlightenment in our own way. Some people follow others for years, while I’m more of a hummingbird, flitting from teacher to teacher, experience to experience, patch working my own quilt.

I read this or hear that and put it in my pocket. Sometimes I’ll end up with a thread that leads me to more helpful information. As I have my own experiences, I empty my pockets of other people’s information and replace it with mine own.

Along the way, I’ve taken classes to learn what my intuition looks like, how information comes to me, and to trust it absolutely. I’ve had experiences that have shown me my ability to shift and transmute energy instantly – so beyond cool!! And I’ve met some amazing people with gifts that would blow your mind. My soul sisters and brothers. Some are aware of their gifts and have worked to grow and advance them, while others are just waking up to theirs.

Along the path of my journey, I’ve reclaimed pieces and chunks of my spirit that had gotten lost in shadows of fear and darkness. I’ve been remembering that I am a divine, sparkly, amazing, loving being that walks the world in a body. And that one of the main purposes for creating a life in a human body is to experience what it is to have a partnership between my eternal spirit and this physical body.

That partnership means loving the body and everything that comes with that: emotions, physical sensations, and thoughts and ideas that live in my head. To that end, I’ve done lots of different things to wipe away the tarnish, shovel away the shit, to allow that love shine from within again.

It seems to me that when it comes down to it, our beliefs and feelings are the key to it all. Maybe I just see things that way because I don’t see energy the way some of my friends can. I don’t see it, but I feel. That’s what I do. So, in my journey, it’s about feeling emotions, feeling what a belief does for a person.

Being able to feel through vibrations of a person’s voice and their body allows me to tune into their emotional state and understand where they’re coming from and what’s going on. I don’t see things like auras with my eyes, I feel all of the information that’s in them.

My journey has been one of healing my emotional and mental bodies so that more light from my soul is able to flow into my physical body. Digging out and transmuting old beliefs that no longer serve me, allows me to walk in this world with more peace in my heart. When I was little, I closed pieces of myself off from my spirit, creating beliefs with a child’s mind, so I could survive in my home. (We all do this to some extent).

In doing this healing, lower frequency patterns of vibration, like fear, anger, frustration and sorrow, have been able to leave. Don’t get me wrong, I have a life and still experience the range of emotions all the time – that’s one of the things we’re here for – but I’m usually able to move through them without getting too stuck or having them ping on something inside of me, because I’ve been cleaning up the stuff it would have pinged on.

And when an emotion does ping on something and hangs around, affecting me more than I’d like, it’s a signal that I now recognize, of an old belief that doesn’t work for me anymore. And I have a toolbox to dive into for healing tools.

So what does my healing journey have to do with ascension? Nothing and everything. I am not specifically chasing my divine human blueprint or expecting a world to magically turn into the Garden of Eden. But I know that I create my world and my experience of it by virtue of what is emanating from my heart and by making choices by filtering them through my heart. And when I heal my heart, what emanates from it moves closer and closer to my divine self.

For me it’s all about opening up to limitless possibilities through healing my heart and remembering my divinity.


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