Working On Healing

One of the less fun things about healing is when a bunch of old feelings rise up and are re-experienced as they leave. If you couldn’t tell from my last post, a lot of old anger is leaving me. Sometimes I don’t know if that well will ever run dry.

The other week, I had two intensive healing sessions with an extremely talented healer. The first session was pretty much a prep for the second one, where he really turned on the juice. What this man does is channel high frequency energy, running it through my body to help me let go of blockages that might have to do with physical issues or emotional ones.

Most of the healing work I’ve been doing lately has been using hypnotherapy or meditations to discover buried mental and emotional issues, and clear them. But working with people like this man allows me to relax my body and concentrate on one thing: to release and let go. I don’t have to consciously know what was blocked or what is being released. All I do is stay open and allow.

Lower frequency energies can be emotions like anger, frustration, guilt and fear. When a healer brings in the highest frequency, unconditional love, and holds it for you, it gives your physical and energetic body permission to let go of things that might have become stuck, even years ago. The high frequency displaces the lower ones.

After sessions like these, I have felt unbelievable euphoria. Completely enveloped in love. I usually feel a bit spaced out for a while as well, until I come fully back into my body.

After several hours of feeling high, there is the inevitable dropping back down to my new normal. And even finding normal can take up to a few weeks to settle in, as I assimilate and integrate the new me.

The first time I had a session with this healer, I was floating on air afterwards for hours. At the time, I was dealing with back pain from having herniated a disc about a year and a half prior. Since I injured my back, I had seen 3 different physical therapists, had received 2 cortisone shots, and was on a hamster wheel of PT and cortisone, on a track for needing orthopedic surgery eventually. The day after my session my back hurt a lot because the release of energies stuck in tissues can cause temporary inflammation. I spent the day in bed eating pain pills. The next day, the pain was less. After a handful of days, the pain was gone and my back felt great.

That was five years ago. Over the past year, different back issues have cropped up with arthritis thrown into the mix, and a few months of physical therapy didn’t help. Instead of going for a cortisone shot or surgery, I’m going back to release more stuff that is affecting my back by using energy healing.

Because of how energy healing works, it’s not just my back that receives healing energies, but my entire being.

In a few weeks I’ll have some more sessions with this same healer, and I’m very much looking forward to how my body heals and changes from it all. One thing I know about energy healing is it can do the miraculous; and I’m always open to a miracle.


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