Healing Acid Reflux, a Soul Retrieval Story

After having several hypnotherapy sessions, I discovered that I could use it to heal physical dis-ease in my body. During a session almost exactly one year ago, I decided to use hypnosis to look into why I had gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Knowing that chronic disease has energetic reasons to be in my body, I decided to go looking for those energetic reasons and shift them to creating healing.

I first experienced heartburn when I was 29 and had extreme stress in my life. The next several years, because of the work and schedule I maintained, were also very stressful. The heartburn became a regular visitor. Even after leaving that type of work, after having my son, life was still extremely stressful (lack of sleep and a child with issues), and heartburn became reflux, waking up in the middle of the night unable to breathe, choking on my stomach contents.

I started taking medication for the reflux off and on, and after my doctor had a gastroenterologist scope my throat and stomach to make sure there were no signs of cancer, ulcers, or celiac disease, that medication became a regular part of my life. I was told by gastro doc the meds had no side effects and that I could take it for the rest of my life if necessary. Well, nothing that inhibits a normal and natural bodily function, when taken for years, will remain innocuous. By the time I learned about the power of healing through the use of hypnosis, I had been on these meds full-time for over five years.

I can still remember when the doctor told me that I might need to take the medicine for the rest of my life, I told myself I’d take it until I healed the need for it. At that point, I didn’t know yet exactly how this would come about.

The hypnotherapy session a year ago went like this:

My hypnotherapist took me through the relaxing induction phase and got my chatterbox brain all quieted  down. She then had me focus and picture a ball of white light over my head, bathing me with its intelligent and healing light. I brought the light completely through my body, allowing it to bathe me.

I was directed to have a guide step forth from the light, and join me on this journey. One of the guides I’d been working with lately, John the Baptist, came forth to be with me. Because I’m not particularly well versed on the Bible, I have heard of John the Baptist, but I don’t know who he was or what role he played in the version of history as told in the Bible. My knowledge of him has come through is being a healing guide for me.

One of the things I love about working with John, is that his attitude is consistently one of, “Let’s get this show on the road! Let’s kick some butt! Let’s go do this thing!” He always tells me that whatever I want to heal will be “easy peasy.” He is always very empowering  and is one of my biggest cheerleaders.

Next, I was directed by my hypnotherapist to go to the part of my body that needed our attention (with the intention of healing GERD). Because she didn’t specify how to get there, it took a few minutes for me to figure out if we were going to walk there or get in some sort of vehicle. I finally decided that we would use a space shuttle type of flying craft. (Having a vivid imagination is extremely helpful when working in hypnosis).

When it came time to lift off and go, I couldn’t seem to make us leave. The more I tried, the more we just didn’t go. I tried asking myself a few questions to help get the ball rolling, but I soon realized that resistance had come up. So, I told my hypnotherapist that for some reason, I was resisting this process.

She had me look at the resistance to see if I could figure out what it was about. Then I saw a little, young me who was afraid. She said that if she were ok then no one would rescue her, and she felt that she needed to be rescued. As she was letting her feelings out, she stepped out from what felt like a cave of darkness, or it could have been a dark closet. All I know for sure is that she had been trapped in darkness. I let her know that it was safe to come out now. As soon as she was out of the dark, she felt like the sun was shining on her and she spread her arms wide, closed her eyes, and tipped her head back, soaking up the warmth and light.

Once that happened, several other little ones (bits of me, as a little girl) opened their closet doors and came out of their darkness into the light. All they had needed was permission to be allowed to come out of the darkness back into the light; and once they had it they came out. More and more of them started coming out.

A new scene and knowledge popped into my head and I realized that when I was little and my mom would verbally assault me, a tiny piece of me would go into darkness. It would go into a dark closet and shut the door. Next I saw a knife that would plunge into my chest at these times of assault, filling my stomach with knife wounds.

As this healing was happening, the little bits of me were coming out of darkness (out of their closets) and into the light again, and each one of them went to their wound in my stomach – the wound they correlated to – and knelt down, putting their hands on it. They sent their wound healing energy of love, each healing their respective wound.

I saw the inside of my stomach with all these little ones on hands and knees, healing with their hands, with love. I encouraged every one of these little ones to come out from the darkness; I didn’t want even one to be left behind. As that process was well under way, I started to progress in age. Pretty soon I was looking more like a grown up, perhaps in my early 20’s. I encouraged all of the bits of me that had been in the dark at that age to come out, and they did, and they healed their wounds in my stomach as well. Then I knew that it was a rolling, moving, evolving thing where I would age, and the pieces of me that were split off in darkness would rejoin the light and come back to me, healing my stomach in the process. It happened faster and faster. After a while I reached my current age of 50.

As I called out for every single bit of me to come out of the dark, I wanted to leave no one behind. A message popped into my head that this healing of my stomach was a process, but it wouldn’t take very long.

Then the party music came in. I saw my stomach as vibrant and happy. I heard conga music and my stomach was pulsing with the music; as close to dancing as it could get. It felt very strong and confident, with the knowledge that it was functioning as it was supposed to be with everything just fine. All systems and processes were perfect again. The happiness it felt was not giddy, bubbly, silly, but rather a calm, confident and very strong one. A very grounded feeling.

I looked over at John the Baptist and he was beaming at me, telling me I was awesome, had done great, that I’m amazing, and a powerful being. I felt that yes, I am amazing and powerful, and can create incredible healing. The feeling was joyful and empowering. I then saw beams of light coming from the ball of light above me, going directly to my stomach, re-patterning the energy of it, making sure it’s completely healed. That was the energy of God working on it.

Soon after that I noticed that my chest area was very calm, serene and happy. Before that, I hadn’t really noticed very much, but it must have been tight and felt upset and definitely not ok. I was now exceedingly ok and relaxed.

My hypnotherapist wrapped up the session and I knew at that time that I was healed. The bits and pieces of myself that had become split off, creating energetic blockages, were reunited with my core being, restoring energetic flow of divine energy.

Because the physical body is very dense compared to our energetic body, I’ve noticed it takes some time for the body to show the healing. In my case, it took about six weeks to be able to stop taking acid blocking medicine. At that point, enough cells had changed that things in my stomach were finally ok. And it’s been so ever since.

This was an amazing experience of how soul retrieval healed my physical body. Not only that, but in connecting to my divine being, I am reminded that my true, core being is love, is amazing, is vibrant and happy, is powerful, is talented, is joyful, and can shift energy on a dime. And I believe that everyone is this too. It might be buried deeper in some than others, but because we are all created from divine energy, we all have this same capacity.



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