Reclaiming My Connection To The Divine

A few weeks ago, I had a few sessions with a very gifted healer, who is able to channel large amounts of high frequency energy. As he does this, lower frequency energies like fear and anger leave the body in droves, displaced by higher frequency energies like peace, joy and love. Some of the results of the sessions included releasing a lot of sadness and then feeling euphoric. When you are connected to the energy of creation, of love, you can’t help but swim in that feeling.

Working with an energy healing practitioner can create amazing changes, with many things including chronic physical illness and pain being resolved.

I understand that part of why we are all here is to learn to take responsibility for our creations and miscreations; and because of that I know I play a critical role in my healing. I must allow it to happen, allow shifts and changes to happen. Often times, people carry so much fear around change that they may not allow certain healing to take place.

After five years of continuous study about energy healing, creating my reality, and having had several experiences of healing my body and old emotional wounds, I have learned how to recognize things in me that are calling out to be healed. And I’ve discovered a number of ways to create healing, often times stepping through intense fear to allow change.

About a day after the last session, I noticed some very old, uncomfortable feelings shake loose and resurface. I didn’t think much of it until several days later when they were with me nightly and weren’t going away. They had been with me often as a young girl, but hadn’t visited in several decades.

Because these feelings weren’t going anywhere, I had a hypnosis session to dig into what was going on and do some healing. Using hypnosis I quiet my conscious mind, allowing me to easily follow threads of the unconscious, and step through fear like it’s nothing.

Little did I know what incredibly powerful healing it would be.

I relaxed into hypnosis easily, met with a guide that accompanied me (Mother God this time), and tuned into these old feelings, traveling back in time to when they were first felt very strongly. They were feelings of wanting to be rescued and carried away to safety. I wanted a knight in shining armor to save me. Or for Jesus to come take me away in the night.

When asked how old I was, I knew that I was five. What was going on? I was easily able to tune into the fact that I was being hurt, but it took a little time to see that it was my mother and older brother who were doing the hurting. My mother was hurting me verbally, and my brother was hurting me physically; being very rough with me. They were being mean to me. Why would they be mean to me? I didn’t understand and I didn’t like it. By the time I was five years old I wanted out. I was done and would have been very happy to go back to heaven.

After that realization, I noticed that my heart was hurting. I then knew that my mother and brother were hurting my heart and I didn’t like it. All of a sudden the huge revelation dumped into my consciousness: my mother and brother were trying to take my heart, to steal the energetic connection between my heart and God!! They were stealing my life force energy! Buckets of tears fell. A microsecond later I saw my heart as a cavity that was full of spiders, insects, and bugs. My mother’s face and my brother’s face flashed by, mixed in with the spiders. Writhing in the chair in emotional discomfort, all I could think of was getting these spiders out of my heart – now!!It creeped me out beyond belief! How could I get them out of me? The agony!

The next revelation was dumped into my head: they were all stealing my heart connection to God! Not just my mother and brother; all of them! More tears. It was hard to catch my breath.

I looked down at my heart and a big fat cord of energy that went between my heart space and God (who looked like a big ball of sunlight in the sky) had appeared. But the cord was gray with spiders all over and throughout it. The spiders and bugs were falling off of the cord and coming out from within it, in droves. There were hundreds and hundreds of them leaving the cord.

They no longer had any permission to be stealing my divine energy.

I saw my team in spirit (a conglomeration of relatives, angels, and other spirit beings who  guide and support me) sweeping up all the bugs and spiders, carrying them away, never to bother me again. About this time, I looked over and saw Mother God smiling, watching me and the process, telling me I was doing great and that I had this. She stood back, holding space, and let me do my thing.

I saw my mother and brother walking away, very pissed off because I kicked them out. (Too fucking bad). In fact, everyone was upset to be kicked out, and a lot of what had been with me wasn’t even human. I was able to see that these beings and creatures had been parasites, robbing me of my energetic connection to the Divine because they had none of their own. Some of the creatures have no capacity for that connection, and some have the capacity, but for whatever reason are completely disconnected, like my mother and brother.

As all these vampire, parasitic energies vacated my space, I saw the cord between me and God become clear, full of sparkly golden light. Once it became just me and the Divine, I ran that same energy all throughout my body and aura, making sure that there were no hitch hikers left behind. My energy was once again, just mine.

After that process naturally came to completion, I began to hear music and feel joy come back to me. The music that usually comes in about this time during a hypnosis session, for whatever reason, is a conga, and once again I heard it. Full of life, vitality, and pure joy.

I felt perfect, whole and complete, with no one invading my connection to God or my space in any way. They have been evicted.

My hypnotherapist asked me to ask my guide if there were any other things that needed to be addressed at that time, and the answer came back as no. Then Mother God shared some wisdom with me that wasn’t new, but was timely.

We are each an individual and unique note of creation. We carry overtones to our note that may shift as we evolve, but the core essential note that is us, doesn’t change. When we meet with people who resonate with us, we make beautiful music together. And sometimes, as we shift and change, and our overtones change, we may not resonate well with people that we once did. It’s ok to move on from them when the music is too dissonant, when they are unable to shift their overtones to remain in resonance with you.  Everything in creation makes up a unique symphony with many movements, a few solos, and lots of harmonies in constant flux.

I leave you with Musical Rapture: A Healing Gift To Humanity. This music was channeled and has amazing healing qualities.


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