Children Are Never Victims: A Spiritual Perspective

Viewing life from the spiritual perspective, I have learned that life is a paradox. We observe something, ascribe our beliefs and values to it, and make a judgment about it. We do this all day long, every day. We see something and say, “Now that’s just wrong!” But from the perspective of spirit, there is no right or wrong in our lives. Everything just is. Experiences just are. They aren’t good or bad, pure or soiled. Those are judgments that we, human beings, attach to people, things, and events. The times I’ve had direct connection to the energy that is God, I always felt unconditional and completely non-judgmental love. Not one bit of condemnation, ever.

That said, when we see certain events play out, we, with our human minds judge them as good or bad, without being aware of what the spirits of the people involved signed up for before they incarnated. We have no idea what they wished to experience during their lifetime.

We see a homeless man sitting on a bench, looking pretty rough, and we might either pity him or judge him harshly. When in fact, his soul desired to have a lifetime where he would go through hardship and homelessness, and perhaps addiction and powerlessness, for the experience of it. He might have chosen that experience to assist another soul in a life lesson of their own, or to give people an opportunity to practice compassion. We don’t know what he planned.

One of the more challenging things about our human lives is when children, and even babies, have pre-birth plans that might include being treated badly by their family when they are young. Before that child was born, they met with the souls who would become their earthly family, and everyone agreed to the plan, knowing it was created to allow soul growth. It is an honor to participate in helping another soul family member’s growth.

Does this mean that if you see someone being treated badly you shouldn’t intervene? Of course not! The plan might include being taken away from an abusive home and ultimately ending up with a different, loving family. Or the plan might include having a child spend their young life being treated badly, and growing up with a distorted sense of self, with the goal of learning how to eventually love themselves. Whether that person is able to turn things around or not is completely up to them. People have free will, and can do what they ultimately want.

We think of babies as innocent and helpless creatures. Yes, they need a lot of help in order to survive in their human bodies, but as a soul they are as old as time. It’s not easy to look at an infant and know that they might have designed some real shit to rain down on them in their life; that they wanted to experience pain and dysfunction, so they might be propelled into soul growth.

This was the case with my own pre-birth planning. I recently submitted a question to a couple, one of whom channels a group of very wise beings in spirit called The Council. The other member of the couple writes the blog, Ask The Council, where readers questions are answered. I told them that my life with my mother was often painful, and I wanted to know specifically what was the pre-birth plan created between my mother and I that allowed this dynamic between us: the dynamic where I felt like a victim (but in reality was not). And I asked why no one intervened and saved me from it. Why was this plan created and what did I hope to learn from it?

I’ve done a lot of work on healing from this relationship: letting go of a lot of the pain, and creating personal boundaries that I couldn’t create when I was younger. The charge from anger and sadness and other unpleasant emotions that I experienced, is fast decreasing. And as I let go of beliefs that I created in order to survive, and other beliefs that I picked up from my mother, I am stepping more and more back into myself. And I appreciate more help in this healing journey; help that people with intuitive insight have, and help from wise people in spirit.

The Council described a previous life where my mother and I were orphaned brothers. There was a lot of hate and anger during that lifetime. And afterwards, when looking back on what we had experienced, my soul wanted to have a chance to experience forgiveness. My mother’s soul agreed to play a role where she would treat me harshly, with things set in the hopes that I would be able to eventually have compassion for her and her mental illness, and be able to heal, to forgive her. My soul family members and close friends agreed to not interfere or intervene, but to allow the dynamic to play out.

For me, knowing what was set up between my mother and I, and knowing that I am making great strides toward my goal of forgiveness, gives me even more information and encouragement to be able to let go of even more old pain, and step more completely into forgiveness. Thus giving my soul the growth experience it wanted, and bringing more peace into my heart.

Just knowing that I, as a soul, felt I could handle such a challenge, speaks to the strength, confidence, and power that I have, and the bad-ass soul that I truly am. Not only me, but I believe that every person on this planet walks with this same potential. Everyone is much more powerful than they know. But until you grow, you don’t know.

I invite you to listen to the actual recording of Cynthia as she channeled The Council’s wisdom with all its detail, while her husband Bob presented my question to her, and reiterated the answers that came through to ensure clarity of understanding. The entire recording is just over five minutes long, and the details that are brought through are more than fascinating; they are healing. Bob and Cynthia provide their blog as a service to humanity, and anyone can ask a question seeking The Council’s guidance.

If the idea of pre-birth planning is completely new to you, I have this page where I’ve written about it.


5 thoughts on “Children Are Never Victims: A Spiritual Perspective

  1. I’ve recently started a blog called The Strongest Ones, that is a platform for healing, where people from all walks of life are free to share their stories of abuse, be it from someone else or self inflicted. If you look under my 'About' tab you'll see what it's all about, and the spirit in which I have created this. Have a look and if you or anyone you know cares to share their story, get in touch with me.
    Lets create a community of healing, together.
    Love and light.


  2. I’m blown away. So happy they could help you. I would love to know what my past lives entailed!

    I suppose my whole life I did feel like the victim of my mom’s depression. There’s so much anger and sadness there, I always felt cheated out of having a genuine “mom”. But I’m feeling it ease a little more and more each day while we transform our relationship to one of better understanding and forgiveness.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s definitely been a process for me, picking up pieces of the puzzle, one by one. I think that’s how it’s supposed to go. I’d have a healing session here and there, discover information that totally worked for me, let it all integrate into me. Slowly shift and change, step by step. Find a new perspective, shift more energy, feel better. Repeat. Just began a new adventure with a new hypnotherapist (my regular gal, who I love, is out of town doing more training all summer). She’s gonna do a soul retrieval for me later this week.

      So glad you’re moving forward too.


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