Unexpected Healing Using Hypnotherapy

I use hypnotherapy as a healing tool because it works for me. Period. It works well. I know that most people who have suffered trauma and damage in their lives seek out therapists, and I think a good therapist is worth their weight in gold. But other than one short stint with a therapist, my path has led me into the hands of healers who work in a realm or dimension that most people can’t see or touch. It’s the realm of energy and energy healing.

These days, I understand that everything at its smallest component is energy. Quantum physics is getting better and better at being able to show this. People are energetic beings. Emotions are actually patterns of energy that we recognize as joy, sadness, or anger. Using hypnosis, I can tune into the energy of feelings and emotions and follow their threads. They act as a compass for me, aiding in navigation.

Several years ago, I noticed that I would eat in response to uncomfortable emotions: food  has always been my drug of choice. When I realized that losing weight permanently would mean healing my food triggers, I turned to hypnotherapy. Because emotional triggers come from our subconscious mind, hypnosis is a great tool to access them.

A handful of times in my life, during hypnosis sessions, unexpected and amazing things happened, and this is when I believe grace stepped in. Just this sort of thing happened almost nine years ago during a session, back when my focus was trying to lose weight. This was before I woke up spiritually, and before I ever though about using hypnotherapy to heal childhood trauma.

It was about two-thirds of the way into my hypnosis session, and I was picturing in my mind my happy place (it varied from a tropical lagoon to a meadow surrounded by woods), as I had been directed to. I don’t remember what my hypnotherapist said next, but all of a sudden, I was quite unconsciously whisked to a different setting entirely.

I had absolutely no conscious control of what happened next. The scene suddenly shifted to seeing myself standing on the side of a large mountain that was completely covered with snow. In fact, it was snowing so hard there was a white out. Everywhere I looked was white with snow. Suddenly, off in the distance, I saw someone in a flash. Then they disappeared. In the next moment, they were standing behind me, and very large white wings completely enveloped me from behind.

I knew that a very large angel was standing behind me, and with its wings cocooning me, I looked down at my body. It had become clear, like hollow clear plastic, with snow swirling all around inside of it. I knew that the snow was cleansing and purifying me as I watched it swirl and swirl. I was being healed of the shame of molestation that I had carried for decades. The words, “Used Goods,” that I had carried so prominently on my forehead for decades, were being erased. It was beyond intense, and many tears fell.

By the time the process seemed to slow, the words, “Thank you God, Thank you God,” echoed over and over in my head. Then I became very sleepy, with the words, “The sleep of a thousand sleeps, the sleep of a thousand sleeps,” repeating in my head.

What that one hypnosis session did was heal intense shame that I had carried with me for decades. It was completely healed. Boom! What it also did for me was heal the trauma that my cells had been carrying.

When you are traumatized and re-experience feelings associated with it, it’s because the energy of the trauma is carried on through your physical cells. I’m pretty sure the mechanics of this are that the energy is carried with the DNA, as explained by epigenetics. When trauma is healed, it actually changes your DNA, by changing the energy of it. Because this trauma no longer continued to live within me, I was able to work on healing some things at a much faster pace.

Trauma will continue to be carried forth in the energy of your physical cells until it is healed.

This is just one of the more than amazing things that have happened to me in the realm of hypnosis.

Can anyone have this sort of experience? I honestly have no idea. I’d like to believe anyone carries the same potential within them. But I believe there was likely some pre-birth planning for me that helped steer me to finding ways to access the unseen realm. Something has pushed me to search and search, and open doors to find ways to create shifts in very efficient (huge!) ways. Something, perhaps listening to my intuition, led me to using clairvoyants and hypnosis. After all, our intuition is our connection to our higher selves and our souls.

Because we are energetically entangled with our experiences and with people, I have learned that by addressing things at the level of energy, I can make rapid and permanent change. We spend the first part of our lives taking on other people’s energies in the form of beliefs and emotions, so we can survive. Because my soul chose to take on such dramatic challenges, I have had the opportunity to find healing methods that work very dramatically. In this case, being persistent has really paid off.

At this time in my life, I realize that my carrying extra weight is merely the vehicle through which I’ve discovered an amazing healing path. And whether I am heavy or trim, does not define my inherent worth as a person. My weight goes up and down, and the more I heal within, the more it is reflected without. As I no longer need to carry energies that aren’t mine (in the form of others’ beliefs and programming), and no longer need energetic protection from people around me and the world, I naturally carry less weight.

If you want to change something that is outwardly manifested in your life, you must change the energetic template that creates it. In other words, if you want to change your physical body or your relationships, or what your life looks like, heal what’s holding you back or heal what is creating that which you don’t want, and things will change.

These days, I am casting off energies that no longer serve me well, allowing my own light to shine through brighter and brighter.



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