Chasing The Dream… Again

I am forever seeking ways to help my son. When he’s doing ok, I let go of this need, but when he is held prisoner by his brain, I’m on overdrive. The search is relentless.

Poor kid. His mom pushes him into this and gets him to try that. When he was little it was doctor recommended therapies for a handful of developmental delays. Then it was vision therapy and Energy Therapy. After a formal diagnosis of ADHD, learning disabilities and anxiety, there was the abysmal meds trial. Then tutoring. And more Energy Healing and a few different psychological counselors. This past year, we added a new doctor who uses intuitive skill as well as traditional blood testing to help with patient assessment and diagnoses. We also gave craniosacral work a try.

Over the past twelve years, my son has made some tremendous changes by making many small shifts and a few larger ones. He complains, saying nothing has worked. But I know different. I see the changes in him. I remember the before and after. Yes, there were a few things we tried that weren’t very helpful; but I felt strongly enough about them to at least give them a try, knowing that if they didn’t help, they wouldn’t hurt.

Lately it feels like we’ve hit a brick wall with his anxiety. Specifically, there are situations that bring it up like nobody’s business, and school is a huge one. We took him out of school, and had been doing a lot of unschooling lately. Because he struggled with math in school and is a bit behind, I felt that being tutored just for math would be appropriate. Best of all, we have a friend who Little Man knows (her son and Little Man are buddies), who is a talented teacher and who is currently tutoring. She is kind, firm, and changes her teaching strategies as needed to fit her student.

For the past two weeks, Little Man has had math tutoring, and by the third session, the anxiety was kicking in to the point that he was completely shutting down. His sleep went to shit. His digestive tract went to shit. He started getting headaches. The whole nine yards.

Panic attacks are a bitch. And once that ball gets rolling, the only way Little Man can stop it is to get away from the situation that’s causing it, and curl up in his quiet bedroom (safe place). We’ve tried so many things to help the anxiety, and there is still this massive trigger.

I’ve been seeking for a way to unchamber the bullet, disarm the trigger, and I just might have found it.

There is a modality of healing that works with patterns of resonance. When we resonate with something, it causes a reaction in our body and brain. It can be good, in the case of smelling a flower you like and it creating a sense of well-being, or undesirable, in the case of being triggered and then becoming anxious or angry. I’m still learning the “how” of the modality, but from what I know, the practitioner uses applied kinesiology (muscle testing) to “talk to” a person’s body and energy field. They figure out how the “issue” first started, and then help the person change so they no longer resonate with the energetic pattern that’s been going on.

Our emotions and emotional reactions, once you jump into the quantum field, are patterns of energy. Our bodies and energy bodies are also patterns of energy. A lamp is a pattern of energy. Everything can be seen as patterns of energy. When there is a pattern of trigger and emotional response, this is a pattern of energy that is being held in place by a certain resonance. Resonance Repatterning seeks to make changes in the energetic pattern so a person no longer resonates with it. Thus, it “goes away.”

If you sing a certain note to a crystal glass, the glass will begin to vibrate and will “sing” that same note in resonance. (Wet your finger and rub it around and around the rim of the glass to get the glass vibrating and hear it’s note). But, if you change to a different note that no longer resonates with that crystal glass, it won’t vibrate. It’s as if you’re not even there.

If you were physically abused as a child, seeing a child being spanked might bring up a strong resonance in you, causing you to tighten up inside and feel fear and anger. However, if you were brought up in a loving and supportive home, and might have been spanked a time or two, but otherwise felt continually loved, seeing a child being spanked will likely not phase you one bit. There is resonance that brings up reaction for the first person, but no resonance for the second.

One of the beauties of this type of work is, it can be done over the phone. And it can be done through another person acting as proxy. In other words, if Little Man is too afraid to talk with the practitioner on the phone, I can act as proxy and speak on the phone with the practitioner. He can “read” and affect Little Man’s energy through me.

Because of how I was steered to this man, and after having had a short conversation with him, I really believe that there will be a significant shift in my son with this work. Whether the trauma trigger about school goes away in one session, or not, remains to be seen. But I am confident that there will be a change that my son will be able to notice. My hope is that my son will be able to release at least some of the death grip that anxiety has had on him lately.


8 thoughts on “Chasing The Dream… Again

    • Bethany, if you want to talk with a practitioner, to ask questions, and can’t find one, the guy we’re going to work with is not local to you, but because he works over the phone, it doesn’t matter. I talked with him today, and he’s a lovely guy. I would be happy to give you his website (with contact info). I’ll be blogging about the results later in the week.


    • Thanks so much. This man was intuitively recommended to me, and after talking with him, I am hopeful. When little man was a toddler, he had an issue with chronic constipation that was serious enough that I had to have him on a stool softener daily, or he would get in real trouble (I had to take him to his doctor two or three times). I met a woman who did energy therapy on him through me; and after being on the softener for about four years, he was able to stop using it literally overnight.

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    • I have a medical intuitive do energy work on me now and then. I was talking about my son’s recent challenges with anxiety and panic attacks and she brought up this guy during a recent session. I’m fairly certain that she intuitively saw that this guy would be a help for my son. He not only works with people but with animals and had worked on this gal’s dogs before.


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