You Be You – That’s All You Need To Do

My life is not your “how to.” I merely serve as an example of the possibilities that can happen when one is open. My experiences are my own, but in sharing them, it gives people the knowledge that such possibilities exist and as such, gives permission to create their own healing experiences.

I stand here just one possibility of many that could have come into being. Your job is not to know how you’ll get to your next possibility, but rather to notice.

Notice what catches your attention. Notice synchronicities. Listen to that small, still voice inside. Follow those breadcrumbs. Hear your intuition speaking to you; it will never steer you wrong.

I still stand in awe at what shifts have been created in my life, in such a short time.

I remember my own mother, decades ago, looking at me in my struggles, with eyes of pity. Pity is not empowering. It is condescending and disempowering. She did her best to eviscerate my power center in so many ways. It was with my innards shattered and splayed open, and with a stone wall surrounding my center of connection, that I attempted to walk through my life; until such time that I began to remember who I really am.

First, the wall came down. Then I began to let go of layer after layer of soot and dirt, programming and beliefs, pebbles and boulders that I carried; that I had taken on, that weren’t mine to carry. The how isn’t important. That’s my path, my journey. But that it happened at all is important.

As much as I repeat that my path is my own journey, it doesn’t mean that other people haven’t had similar life experiences. It’s how we find each other, how we recognize a soul sister or brother. We share our stories and feel connected because of our similar experiences.

But what takes one soul sister down one path, and another down a completely separate winding road? I believe it’s all in how we choose our next step, and the next one, and the one after that. Are we allowing guidance in? Do we hear those little whispers directing and pointing us? Do we follow them or blow them off, denying their validity?

Do you even know that you are being guided every step of the way, if you allow it? If you could see all of the support that continually surrounds you in the unseen realm, you’d be reduced to tears. You are never alone. You might feel alone at times because you’ve shut everyone out, you’ve closed all the doors and boarded them up. You’ve closed your ears and shut your eyes to what you refuse to see: that you are fully supported.

All it takes is a crack in the door, opening a window, giving possibility a chance to flow in, and without so much as a swipe of a magic wand, presto change-o! Things are different. There is a shift. The agitation, irritation, pain, fear, anger, disconnection is gone. And there are crowds of supporters waiting, waiting for you to ask for help and then sit back and notice how they show up.

It’s a song that suddenly floats through your head, or a butterfly that catches your attention. It’s an article you read, or a video that you find intriguing. When you are attracted to something and you don’t know why, go there. Follow it. If your brain and reasoning tells you don’t, see if your heart agrees or not. Follow the wisdom of your heart. It’s through our hearts that we connect to our higher wisdom, so let the conversation you have with it carry the deciding vote.

Before you know it, you’ll be flying with the eagles, soaring high above the clouds, floating light with the breeze, and basking in the sun. It might only last for a moment, but over time, as you follow your breadcrumbs and your hearts desires, you will find your wings outstretched more often, and your burdens lifted.

As you come more into yourself, shine your own special light, as a beacon for those near and far. Be the example of what’s possible just by you being you.



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