I Think The Kid Is Changing

A week ago, I had a healer work with my son. The goal was to help shift belief patterns in him that have contributed to his having anxiety and panic attack disorder. My son has always been very sensitive and seemed to be a bit of a “worrier” when he was younger. But with the onset of puberty, my little worrier began to experience out-and-out anxiety. And then anxiety morphed into panic attacks.

After a year and a half of anxiety and panic attacks, things got so bad in school, that my son became sick and completely shut down. We almost lost him last February. Since then, we’ve been working with a talented naturopathic (and intuitive) doctor, and over this past summer I had an energy healer do a few sessions on him.

There had been some improvement since February, but Little Man would still experience anxiety and have some panic attacks now and then. During the past few months, they’d been more prevalent than over the summer.

It  was talking with an intuitive friend when I found out about a man who is trained in a form of healing called Resonance Repatterning. He uses applied kinesiology (muscle testing) to talk to the body, determining if it is in resonance with a belief. There is more to what he does, but the long and short of it is, he helps people shift and no longer resonate with, or align with, beliefs that they are ready to let go of. These are unconscious beliefs.

If you don’t know, your subconscious mind significantly affects your behaviors every day. It remembers everything you experience, and stores away beliefs that you create with your conscious mind. Your conscious mind can only handle so much information at once, so much of your life experiences become relegated to your subconscious.

When the healer began working on my son, he asked permission from my son to be able to work with him. After permission was granted, because my son is 13 and not interested in healing sessions, I was able to act as proxy on the telephone. My son’s energy was accessed through me.

When the healer asked what process would be most beneficial to use to facilitate my son’s highest expression of his soul, what he determined (by using muscle testing to talk to my son’s body) was doing a Birth Process Repatterning session would be most beneficial.

My son’s birth was not natural at all. Even though my husband and I prepared for as natural a birth as possible, seven weeks before the due date, quite suddenly, my son’s heart rate became erratic, and he was delivered by emergency C-section a mere eight hours after going in to be checked out “just to make sure nothing’s wrong.”

You see, I hadn’t felt the baby kicking that day, and I became extremely worried about it. In fact, at one point, something came over me and I felt like a tiger pacing in a cage, back and forth, back and forth; forcing me to get myself and the baby checked out. Listening to that rather large intuitive push, likely saved his life.

By the time my son was two hours old, he had been delivered early without passing through the birth canal. Because his lungs weren’t ready, he was intubated. He was given an IV and a nasal gastric tube for feeding. And had leads stuck on him to monitor his heart, and another monitor for his oxygen. He was not held, but immediately isolated in an incubator (an isolette).

Along with all of that, he was put on a noisy helicopter and flown to a hospital 60 miles away (an almost two-hour drive from our home), where he lived for almost three weeks. Even though all of this medical intervention was necessary to save his life, his birth process left him with several thoughts and beliefs, including the birth itself having been terrifying – and shocking and traumatic for his sensory system.

He was left with about a dozen beliefs, like, “I hurt the ones I love,” and “I shouldn’t be here.” He also resonated with “feeling disconnected, ungrounded and spaced out.” His birth process generated feelings of anguish, torment, being vulnerable and trapped.

After discovering the negative beliefs that Little Man resonated with (that he was ready to let go of), the healer facilitated the release, and then facilitated the creation of new, positive, beliefs. Then we rewrote the birth process, testing new, positive words with Little Man’s body, to make sure they resonated with him.

His new birth story, that his body now resonates with, includes feelings of security, safety, nourishment, and love. His new story includes coming into the world comfortably, in his own time, and being welcomed and held lovingly by his family.

It’s been just over a week since the session, and after a few days, I began to notice an ease about my son. I noticed an absence of anxiety. And tonight, he even noticed that he’s been happy lately. That is huge: his being aware that he is changing.

I recently checked in with the healer, and he suggested one more session that would also help my son tremendously. After allowing time to integrate the new energies of the recent session, we’ll move forward with one more session: this time, looking into the reptilian brain.

I am continually amazed that energy healing works, especially when it’s my son who changes before my eyes. Of course, in time, we’ll see the full effects of this work.


6 thoughts on “I Think The Kid Is Changing

  1. I had goosebumps reading this. I felt so sad reading about him feeling like he doesn’t belong here, but relieved to see you’ve noticed him feeling happier lately. I love how open you are. It must be so difficult, as the mother tiger, to see him suffer. Sending positive healing energy from one coast to another…keep up the good work, Mom:)

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  2. Thanks for your wonderful energy! I’ll take it. One thing this healer kept saying was, he couldn’t believe how well my son has done in life, considering all of the negative beliefs that he was resonating with. When my son was younger, especially, he had such a tough time every single day. He was so packed with fear, and there was really not a lot I could do for him. It was just doing the mom gig, slogging through from day to day, trying to not scream or drop everything and run away. Over the years, there have been many tears shed, and much hair ripped out. But we have an amazingly close relationship.

    I am so stoked for him to have the next session, which will look at his reptilian brain (fight or flight, etc.) and see what is ready to go there. I’m even having this fellow work with me on my cranky lower back. If you ever want his info, or know someone who might want it, just ask. He works over distance.

    One of the reasons I put as much detail out there as I do, is that so many people have no idea what energy healing is, or what it can do for them. It has saved me, and if even one person benefits from this blog, it’s all worth it.


    • Thank you Bob. It’s been an extremely challenging nine months. Many times when I was drowning and wasn’t sure how to make it. Still holding my breath a bit, but seeing how grace is working in my life. As with everything, time will tell.

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  3. The poor little guy. How we come into Earth is something that we have no control over, but affects us so much, in our cellular memory and our whole energy system. I hope this helps him feel that he belongs.

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    • Thanks Sara. He’s been doing a bit better in general, but had some trouble today (was triggered into panic). It’s only been about 10 days, so he’s still integrating the session. It was so fascinating to learn all that came up during the session. The next one, dealing with the reptilian brain should shift a lot as well. I’d love to see panic triggers dissolve, but who knows what will happen.

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