You Are The Knight

When I was a child, I lived with a child’s mind.
As children think, when things go wrong, it was my fault.
Always my fault.

Acceptance was conditional.
Love was conditional.
Home was not a safe place.
Duck and cover.
Here come the knives.

Listen for that special tone.
The tone of danger.
Duck and cover.

Bits and pieces of my soul
Were sliced off.
They fell into a dark closet.

As I grew up
That child remained inside of me.
Tucked away in the dark.
In fear.

One day, I discovered the magic key.
It had been tucked away
Within me all along.

All it took was finding the right guide
To help me find my way.

Grab onto that thread.
Grab it and follow it.
Around twists and turns
Corners and darkness.

Don’t be afraid
It’s only fear.
It can’t bite you now.
The knives have been sheathed.

Step through the black veil
Of fear and look.
Look who’s in the darkness
Waiting for you to extend a hand.

It’s that scared little one.
She’s still in the closet
Waiting for you.

Waiting to know it’s safe
To come out into the light.
Reassure her.

It’s safe now.
It’s safe little one.
Just like that, she takes a step
From the dark closet
Into the light.

It wasn’t her fault.
She was beautiful and
Perfect all along.

It feels so good.
Warmth of the sun
Shining down
Warming her bones
And her soul.

It’s safe now.
The wicked witch is dead.
And you rescued her.

You are the knight on
The white horse
She’s been waiting for all along.

It was you.
She is free now
And so are you.


8 thoughts on “You Are The Knight

  1. I had goosebumps reading this, and tears…but not sad tears. I’m not really sure how to describe them, but it was when I read about rescuing the inner child. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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