Life As A Paradox

The idea for this post was inspired from my previous post about our life’s path being a spiral. I invite you to read it here.

Some of my favorite teachers are ones who don’t have a physical body here in the third dimension.  And as I was listening to one of them the other week, something that was said stuck with me. He spoke about paradox as being a point of power. My simplified definition of paradox is, two disparate ideas that at some level work together.

From Bashar’s teachings, “If you can understand things that appear to be opposites at the same time, that means you have to be at the center of those two things. They have to both be coming from you. Therefore it positions you squarely at the center, the balance point, which is your point of power.”

In this short video, Bashar explains how to use the concept of the power of paradox when it comes to manifesting things into your life. He explains how we both have to fully focus on the thing we want to see in our life, to know deeply that it will come to us, and to then completely let go of how it will come to us. The “how” of life is something we often think we know and understand, by virtue of looking backwards at patterns that have shown up in our life. But, the reality is, the “how” we create is best left to our higher selves. When you understand the paradox of putting your entire focus on something and then letting it go in order for it to show up, you understand the mechanism of manifesting.

When you have the perspective of being able to understand a paradox, you are doing what I call thinking in levels, or thinking in several different dimensions at the same time. I was first introduced to this idea when I was back in college, struggling to find direction in my life After having made a very difficult decision to switch my major to something other than biology, pre-med, I stumbled upon a sociology class. You see, for years, I wanted to grow up and be a doctor; someone who helped people for a living. It didn’t entertain my young and limited mind that there are millions of ways to grow up and help people.

In that sociology class, we were given the scenario of a couple in love, and one of the two decided to go away to school, so they wouldn’t see each other for a few months at a time. One way of looking at the separation was “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, while the other perspective was “out of sight, out of mind”. Two different and diametrically opposed views of one scenario.

What having a spiritual awakening did for me, was give me that alternate perspective of how to view my life. It gave me an explanation for why things happen, when there seemed to be no explanation here at the physical level of reality. And it gave me a paradigm in which I’ve been able to create a lot of healing for myself. Learning to be comfortable with paradox, seeing the paradox from different angles and perspectives until I understood, has been my best skill/ gift in life.

I think that being a woman, with a feminine perspective in life has helped me get to this point faster than being a man with a masculine perspective in life. As a woman, my thinking is naturally not as linear as a man’s (in general). It’s easier for me to think in circles and squares, and upside down and inside out. A person who is locked into linear thinking isn’t as flexible with how they perceive the world. It’s more difficult for them to entertain ideas that challenge their status quo.

One of the things I so love about my life is that to get to this point, for me to see and fully understand one of my superpowers, all it took was following the breadcrumbs. I took one breadcrumb that I found a while back, and while looking at a new breadcrumb that I liked, but something about it rubbed me the wrong way, it took the first breadcrumb to fully understand exactly why I was having trouble with something about the new breadcrumb.

In plain English, I stumbled upon Bashar’s teachings a year or two ago, and they really resonated with me. I’ve watched several of his videos online, and very recently, seeing him speak about paradox sang out inside of me in a big way. Also, I came across someone less than a month ago, online, who intrigued me quite a bit. Their story very much fascinated me, and grabbed my attention. But there was something about the story that rubbed me the wrong way. When something does that, I want to know why, so I can see what it is inside of me that is unhappy. I hung in with this new breadcrumb, experiencing it a while longer, literally reading this person’s story as described in their book.

I finally figured out what’s bothered me so much, and as part of that process, I discovered one of my superpowers. My master ninja skill in seeing perspectives.

This person had an otherworldly experience that shattered his perception of his world in a matter of mere minutes. When life as you know it suddenly changes because of having an experience that you’ve never heard of and no one talked about back when it happened to this fellow, how do you even begin to come up with a language for it, or way of explaining it without sounding crazy?

To explain the unexplainable, we often turn to either science or religion. Because of the nature of his experience, he turned to religion. It was something he knew, and a language that was familiar.  Imagine bringing a person from the stone age into your home and trying to explain all your wireless tech gadgets to him.

Through the lens of a variety of religions and faiths, he studied and learned, developed a language to describe what happened to him, and came into his truth. And from that truth, he’s gone on to help many, many people. He helps them by stretching their perspective of life and death. He is able to assure people that in death, heaven exists and that it is beautiful, and that, as much as we are all imperfect and are sinners by definition, God will forgive us of our sins when we get there, because that is exactly what he experienced. For so many people, believing that there is something after death is a huge stretch. It’s the biggest fear that most people carry around. And I love that he’s out there spreading the word that death is not the end. It’s truly beautiful.

What bothered me was, part of his truth, that came about from how he processed what happened to him, differs from my truth. And I see how that part of his truth, that detail, if it were mine, would continue to cause discomfort in me. I see that I try on other people’s truth to see how they fit, how they feel. As much as I’ve had my own experiences with God and of God, his truth didn’t quite fit. It felt a bit constricting for me.

What bothers me is that his truth separates God from me. And his truth paints me as imperfect, and as such, a sinner (because only God is perfect in his eyes). I completely understand how a person would create these beliefs; especially when in experiencing God, it appeared as being separate in some way. Because religion views God as an entity separate from us, it would stand to reason that a religious perspective of death, even in the face of an experience, would include the concept of God as other than us.

But I am a master of seeing things from different levels at the same time, and because I’ve learned how to see life from several different perspectives, including the perspective of everything as energy and frequency, it has led me to different truths. In fact, because of being killed in other lifetimes by people who justified their killing in the name of their beliefs and the bible (Salem Witch Trials), the language of religion and the bible has always left a sour taste in my mouth.

One of the big things I’ve been healing, has been a tremendous amount of fear I’ve carried because of being killed for being completely connected to the divine. For being able to see and know things that there was no explanation for.

My own truths about God and perfection involve being comfortable with paradox. My truth about God is that yes, as a human being, I see God is a thing separate from me. I was raised to see God as a loving, fatherly figure. And yet, I’ve had experience after experience showing me, letting me know that I am but a spark of the divine, a part of that incredible, indescribable energy, and as such I AM it. I am an integral part of Source Energy, God. I am the part that is manifested into this physical human female body. I am the part that is having a human experience, with all that entails. These days, I can’t understand God as a singular entity that exists only outside of myself. It no longer works for me.

And with the concept of perfection, there again, I know that as a human being, we define perfect as something unattainable. And yet, when my brain downloaded the spiritual perspective of perfection, it brought me a new peace and understanding. What was literally dumped into my brain was: “nothing is perfect except for creation”.  And after a short pause, I got, “and if you look around, everything around you, everything that exists, was created. And as such, everything is already perfect.”

Since that time, in mulling it over, I now know that when things have been manifested into the physical world from the world of spirit or energy, they are perfect by virtue of existing. That’s it. It takes a certain amount of energy, intention, and skill to create something in our physical world. (I got that last bit from listening to information from dead people). If something exists, it is not here by accident. You are not here by accident. The grass outside and chair in your home were created intentionally. There are NO accidents. (And I could go down the rabbit hole on that one).

I’ve learned that I get messages as I need them. And the message about perfection came to me because of having so many beliefs about myself being imperfect.  Beliefs that brought me pain, suffering, and even illness. I understand that in the eyes of God, everything around me is perfect simply because it has been made manifest. Because it exists here in the physical world. Period!

On the human level am I perfect? That depends. When I look at life through human eyes, the one thing that always enters in, is judgment. Humans always judge. Perfection at a human level always involves judgment. So, at a human level I am far from perfect. And how does that belief serve me? It leaves me with feelings of inadequacy, and feelings of being “less than”. Not very comfortable.

Because I’ve seen how these beliefs of imperfection (in my case, being defective) played out in my life, causing emotional pain, reactivity towards those I love, and yes, even physical illness, I now choose to craft my beliefs through the eyes of God and spirit. In order to heal something, I’ve had to find a perspective that feels better to me. A perspective that allows pain and suffering to be released. A perspective that has helped me heal a butt-ton of old beliefs, and let go of fear that my body has held onto.

There again, seeing how we carry things from our parents, through the energy of our physical DNA, and also how we carry wishes and experiences as a soul, expressed through different lifetimes, is a concept that involves being able to see things at different levels and yet existing and showing up at the one level of our physical world.

The one constant is energy. I have healed energetic threads that came down several generations through my mother (mother-daughter pattern of wounding), and also healed fear that I carried into this life from a past life where I was killed for being a suspected witch.

And the amazing thing is, as I have been able to release these human beliefs about myself, I am creating a new life. I am clearing away everything that is not the real me. I am clearing away miscreations, darkness, shadows, and whatever you want to call it.

I now see that this entire healing path has been a mission of the partnership between my human body and my spiritual soul. It has been way of experiencing life through the lens of the human body, with all of it’s animal survival instincts, while leading me to know the truth of myself as a spirit. To really get to know who I AM. Not the cloak I wear of a physical body, but the life source that animates it.

I have seen and know in every cell of my body that I am divine. I am love, compassion, strength, and every other feeling that hits me when I connect with Divine Source Energy: God. I am part of God, appearing as separate by virtue of my left brain. (Check out Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s experience of perceiving the world through only her right brain, when she had a stroke and remained conscious the entire time).

Understanding paradox is seeing things that initially seem dissonant, disparate, incongruous,  incompatible, and yet co-exist, and finding their common denominator. Taking two incompatible beliefs or ideas and discovering how they can both exist comfortably at the same time, creates a shift of understanding. And that shift not only takes me to a higher level of understanding, it is always accompanied by a feeling of peace.

My wish for you, during this time of holidays, and always, is peace deep inside you.


3 thoughts on “Life As A Paradox

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  2. The human body and spiritual soul…isn’t it fascinating we can go our entire lives and not know about the imbalance or separation of the two?

    I’m at A crossroads in my journey where I have a breadcrumb that rubs me the wrong way. I want to just throw it away or crumble it up or do nothing or take revenge on it, but I know those aren’t the answers. The biggest part of me wants to just ignore that breadcrumb. That’s not the answer either. I don’t know the answer, but I know enough to know that the answer is going to come to me, and one shape form or another. I just have to be open to seeing it.

    Do you know this is the second post today that I’ve read that uses the word paradox?

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    • And THAT is the synchronicity pointing you in the direction to go!! (I love the teachings from Bashar).

      As for the breadcrumbs that rub me in the wrong way, I ask them what they are here to show me. And I happened upon a process that works amazingly well for me (hypnosis). Many people do this work in meditation. I’ve learned how to recognize when there is a belief in me that is old and isn’t working for me anymore: it’s when something bugs me again and again, and gets right up into my face screaming at me, causing all sorts of reactivity in me. As you can figure out what old belief is screaming at you to be healed (to see how it was formed- survival – and know that you are here and alive and don’t need it anymore), you learn more about yourself. (Ask to be shown this in meditation). You’ll get to know yourself more and more. And, because you are getting to know the real you, you have more peace, have more self-assuredness, have a more grounded knowledge of your truth and self. And all you’re doing to get there, is letting go of old judgments you’ve carried, beliefs you picked up along the way of life (childhood), and a host of other things that are not YOU. It’s quite an amazing ride! And you’re doing it!!


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