My Relationship With Jesus

This post was inspired by this time of year and by a question I was asked several years ago, by a friend. She asked me if Jesus was my Lord and Savior. She believes that if I don’t believe as she does, then I won’t get into heaven. At the time, I didn’t share her very same belief, and really couldn’t answer her very intelligently. So, I asked her if I were born a child in the jungles of Africa, and never heard of or learned about a man called Jesus, would I be damned to hell when I died? If I lived a life treating others well and with kindness, would I still be damned to hell, simply because I didn’t know about a man called Jesus? She said yes. All I could do in the moment was say that I believed otherwise. But I didn’t quite know what I believed because it wasn’t really on my radar back then.

I didn’t believe that there is a place we call heaven that we can either gain entry into or be barred from by some external force. And I still don’t. Today, I understand “heaven” as a state of consciousness that we either allow ourselves to experience or not. It depends on our beliefs and how strongly we hold onto them.

And about Jesus being my Lord and Savior, those particular words, in the manner that they were conveyed to me, make me feel like a peasant who looks up to him for everything, as if everything I have and everything I am were dependent solely on him. It gives me no responsibility or authority or autonomy over my own spirit or life. News flash! The only one who can “save” you is you. And in truth, no one needs saving. There is nothing to be saved, and nothing to be saved from (except you).

In the eyes of God, we are already perfect by virtue of existing. In my experience of God, there is nothing to forgive. That is a human concept that is generated by being a human, and requires judgment. And as such, is healed (or forgiven) by the human in us. Forgiveness is a releasing of carrying blame, shame, and guilt. No one can do that for you. Just you. Because God is pure love without any judgment, he doesn’t do the forgiving, but in the presence of the overwhelmingly intense energy of God, our letting go of all self-judgment can be instantaneous.

At this time of year, with Christmas coming up, everyone’s thoughts (at least, everyone in my world) turn to the story of Christmas as we were told through our various religions. And with that, in the Christian tradition, today’s version of Christmas is that it is the day of Jesus’ birth. There are some scholars out there who will tell you that December 25 is actually not the day that Jesus was born, but I don’t think it really matters the precise day. What matters is that a person walked this earth who helped usher in Christ Consciousness.

Jesus was an avatar for the Christ Consciousness that I strive to embody. There have been others.

I have an interesting relationship with Jesus, because it exists on different levels at the same time. Allow me to explain. Growing up, I didn’t learn a whole lot about the man, Jesus. I never formed a relationship with the person I was told about in church, or even with the idea of him. (Church wasn’t something we did regularly, except for Christmas and Easter). I’ve heard a few stories about the man who lived a few thousand years ago, and from what I’ve learned as an adult, those stories have not necessarily been passed down exactly as they happened at the time. We all know how when news spreads, it changes slightly with each new telling. What’s true of the stories and what is not true is something that is not important to me.

Did Jesus walk on water, turn water into wine, and perform other miracles? He might have. As a master at understanding and using energy, he might have been able to instantly manifest things out of thin air, and perform other feats. There are people in today’s world that I’ve read about, who can defeat gravity by floating in air, and a woman I met who spoke of being able to breathe fire during a metaphysical workshop she attended. I believe that Jesus might have been able to work with energy to this level, especially considering the level of consciousness that he was born with. But if he actually did or not, is not of utmost importance to me.

Although, his ability to instantly manifest his thoughts into the physical, and how he did this, is still understood and known primarily in metaphysical circles. I believe I understand the tenants of how to do it, yet I don’t have the ability.

Through a past life regression, I witnessed a lifetime I lived when Jesus walked the earth. During that life, I had a child who was going to die, and I took them to Jesus, where I witnessed the healing of my child. During the process of healing, I saw the most intense energy coming from Jesus, and the energy carried the vibration of love. I could see the love blasting out from his chest, like cannon fire, and whatever it was that was causing my child to be unwell couldn’t withstand this love, and my child was made well.

During that life, I learned the ultimate power of love, and that the only thing that is real is love, and that love is eternal.

My personal relationship with Jesus began only a few years ago as a result of having an experience with his energy during a healing session. I was in the middle of a hypnosis session and in my mind’s eye, I could see thick, goopy, black tar coming out of my heart, leaving me. All of a sudden, Jesus appeared right in front of me, standing with is hands out, beckoning me to give all of the blackness to him. He very specifically told me to give every last little bit of it to him, and to not hold onto even one little piece. He could and would take it all. And I knew that he did.

In that moment, I was completely blown away. I did as he said, and gave it all to him.

Since that time, I have come to understand, through teachings and through my own experiences, that Jesus was just one avatar for Christ Consciousness. And that level of consciousness recognizes that we are all one. We, as spirit, emanate from one Source, and are always connected to that one Source. The Source Energy that creates us and that is us, is that which I have no one name for, but I’ll call it love for simplicity’s sake, because that’s what it feels like (and a lot more). I also call it God because that’s how people best relate to it in my culture.

Jesus came to wake us all up, to teach us how to live and create as we do in spirit, in heaven, by living through the lens of our hearts and love. He started by showing us that we are eternal spirit, living in physical bodies. His life of teachings and the stories of his healings and miracles, demonstrates what we are all capable of. These things he did, we can do, and more. He even supposedly said so.

He understood that when you want to manifest something into your life, you simply know that it already exists and is already yours, and you hold absolutely zero belief (conscious, or unconscious) otherwise. On top of that, holding no expectation or belief on how it should come to you, brings it that much faster. He evidently got this down in spades.

When you live through your heart, you understand that your actions affect others, and you understand that when you act from a place of love, a place of absolute highest intention, no matter how it is received, that is THE WAY.

Energetically speaking, love carries the highest vibration. When you put out the intention of love, that is what the world mirrors back to you. (If someone isn’t able to accept that love, it’s because of something within them, and that’s their journey to discover and heal).

When you live with Christ Consciousness, you understand that the best way to make decisions is through the lens of your heart. Especially when it comes to the big, important decisions, let your various choices sit in your heart and see which one feels best. Which one feels right. The head and brain often lie because they produce fear-based reactions. The heart can only produce love. (Don’t get me wrong, you can carry fear in your chest, but it wasn’t produced from the heart).

The brain gets caught up in survival instinct because it only knows us as a physical body. It is within and through the heart that we connect to spirit, to our energetic Source, and as such, our hearts only know love. It receives only love and emanates only love. It is through our hearts that we know we are eternal beings, and as such never fear death.

I think all fear, ultimately comes down to the fear of death. And that is a human construct that comes from our brain. The purpose it serves is not a small one: survival. Experiencing fear is a necessary thing to keep our physical bodies alive. But holding onto fear, carrying it with us, is what makes us sick and brings dysfunction into our lives. We were designed to allow emotions to flow through us, not to keep them stuck in us.

Jesus came to teach us that we are ultimately eternal beings. To not fear death. And to live life through the lens of the heart, to live a life of love. I have been told that there are other important teachings, and that several of his teachings have been suppressed, and I believe it. However, that’s one of those things that I won’t really know until I experience it first hand. And one day, when I have another past life regression hypnosis session, I intend to take a look at what other things I learned from the man.




4 thoughts on “My Relationship With Jesus

  1. This is so awesome! As I’ve started my spiritual awakening this year, I felt kind of guilty because I keep talking about the universe and synchronicity and all that other stuff… I’m kind of not really talking about church anymore. I’ve sort of felt like I’ve been a traitor to God by focusing so much on the universe and not Him. Lately, I’ve been working on it by thinking that all of my meditation and universe stuff is really a product of God, and they go hand-in-hand right? I love how you tell the story of Him coming to you…it’s amazing:)

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    • What cracks me up, is that so many people have been indoctrinated in the belief that they must accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, or else. And they don’t really have a heart connection with him. And here I was, not thinking much about him either way. Just neutral, and then he comes and absolutely blows me away. Out of the blue. What’s so cool, is that anyone can connect with him simply by desiring it, sitting quietly, and calling out to him with their heart. The more I study the “energy” part of energy healing, the more I define God as energy. Specifically, the energy that we (people, creatures, planet earth, the cosmos) are made of, and that unseen stream of energy that keeps us alive. Literally keeps our heart beating: is life force energy. I understand God to be “all that is.” And when I see this “creator energy” in me, it’s extremely bright light. When I’ve felt this energy, it’s amazing and overwhelming, unconditional love.

      You could never be a traitor to God. That is a human concept. I perceived God like a person because that’s the only way my brain could wrap itself around what was flowing into it. There was a ton more that came in, and it was so fast that I could only grab onto little bits and pieces with my conscious mind. I really can’t describe God as being like a human, because it is both feminine and masculine (I sometimes have Mother God help me in hypnosis). It doesn’t judge AT ALL. That’s all the fear-based human in us. Until you have an experience where you know it, take my word that God is love. The love that I saw blasting out of Jesus’ chest. Beyond cool!! Love literally heals all.


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