The Impermanence of Life

I was just realizing that so much about life is impermanent. In fact, because we are energy and our lives are a creation of our energy, the more we can allow things to flow, the healthier life is and better we feel.

Think about it. Every moment of every day, our bodies are being recreated over and over. Cells die, cells divide and are recreated, and they die again. On a much slower scale, people are born and then die, and are born again.

Other things that live, like plants and trees, go through this cycle as well. Even rocks break down over time, until they are tiny grains of sand. And at some point, when they make it back to Earth’s core, they are melted back down and spewed back up again as lava. Or minerals are dissolved by water, to be carried away and dry out to form a different shape in another place.

Everything about our physical lives involves the flow of creation and destruction.

Even our emotions, the compass that guides us through life, aren’t meant to be static. Just try to hang onto happiness for a solid week. You’ll be able to hang onto it for a while, and then something will come up and rub up against something in you, causing the happiness to fade for a while. But it comes back.

Because we, as humans, carry a survival instinct,  our brains haven’t gotten the message that as much as we are designed to feel emotions, we aren’t supposed to hold onto them. Our physical brains and bodies hold onto experiences that are perceived as a potential threat to our existence. As a child, my own body was steeped in fear as a survival mechanism. It kept me alive.

One way we hang onto certain feelings is by creating a belief around it. As a child, when we have good experiences, the feelings flow through us. We feel the joy, the happiness, and the laughter, and we let it flow. It’s wonderful! There is no holding onto it because there is no need. We move through positive experiences with grace and ease.

But when something happens to us that doesn’t feel good, and threatens us, our brains must make sense of why this is happening. The brain needs to know why, so it creates a story that is satisfactory to it. Because so very much of this happens we are very tiny, these stories become a part of our unconscious mind very early on.

A very common story that our brains come up with is, “this painful thing happened to me, and I don’t know why.  I must be bad, or lazy, or defective.” Voila! A new belief is born. I am a bad girl. Unless someone changes that perception, the belief will be accepted, verified, and filed away in the unconscious mind for life. (Or until it’s discovered and healed).

In fact, when an experience happens that is so very far from our core essence, it can cause a fissure or crack in our sense of self. In order for our brains to make sense of what happened, the explanation (that becomes a belief) moves a bit of our understanding of who we are, so far away from our core essence, that it’s like we have lost a piece of ourselves. I’ve seen the result in myself appearing as a shadow, or some form of darkness or blackness.

That is one of the most damaging aspects of hanging onto something, like a belief that goes against our true divine nature. This scenario literally stops a piece of our energetic flow. And how does nature take care of a block in flow? It creates chaos.

Picture a river beautifully flowing. Small sticks and leaves flow down with no problem. But when a tree falls over, water has to find its way around the trunk and branches. The water slows, but doesn’t stop. A while later, another tree falls, blocking sticks, that catch leaves, that stops sand and gravel. Eventually enough trees, sticks, leaves, sand, and gravel have gotten caught, damming up the river. There comes a point when the water pressure overcomes the dam, finally blasting them out of the way.

Blockages in flow can exist for only so long, until nature creates enough chaos to blast the clog out of the pipe (or burst the pipe).

If you can imagine the blocked energy of fear as a yarn that has been knitted into a specific holographic pattern of fabric like a chain stitch, when the fabric is no longer needed, if you can figure out how to get that first bit of yarn loose, the entire weave of fabric will let go and undo itself, like pulling that one yarn in a chain stitch. The energy of creation is holographic. As you change one tiny piece of the hologram, the rest of it changes in response.

Because energy can neither be created nor destroyed, as the fabric is unwoven, the yarn is purified, balled up, and is knitted as something else, for someone else. It might become part of someone else’s body, or someone might need to gather it up and knit it into a pattern of anger that they decide to wear for a while, until they no longer need it and it unravels once again.

Energy that has been slowed in its flow shows up in our bodies as fear, pain, disease, and more. It shows up as beliefs that support the creation of fear, pain and disease. And the really cool thing about knowing this is, when you figure out how to assist nature in dismantling the dam, you can heal disease and emotional dysfunction.

In a recent healing session I was able to see, in my mind’s eye, a blackness around my neck and shoulders. As I tuned into it, I picked up on anxiety. Following that thread of anxiety, asking questions of it, I was intuitively given answers that let me know that this blackness represented anxiety and fear that I “wore” as it morphed into a knitted turtleneck sweater that stopped just below my shoulders. I was able to know how I picked up this anxiety in my life and what purpose it served – it was initially with me to protect my life from being hung and decapitated, but lately has been blocking me from trusting in my own creative process. (Creativity and expression of the self is associated with an energy center at our throat).

Understanding that this turtleneck was no longer serving me well, and I no longer needed it, I figured out how to get that first little bit of yarn to unravel: trust in the process and not get bogged down on the how it would happen. Archangel Michael, who was with me, gathered up the yarn as it unraveled, taking it back to the realm of pure love, where the energy was transmuted and made ready to be knitted into something else, for someone else. As the process happened, the knowledge of the process became to clear to me.

Eventually, when our soul’s journey is complete for this lifetime, it figures out a way to stop the flow of our energy to the human body to the extent that the life force is completely withdrawn, usually by creating disease or an accident that the body can’t recover from. This allows the energetic patterns that weaved our bodies to unravel and go back to the pool of energy that knits all creations. This pool of energy that I call God.

It creates us, and is us.

The journey of the soul is to have experiences through our human body to get to know every facet of ourselves. Expansion. The evolution of human life is to help the body let go of everything it creates to keep us alive that is no longer serving us. It’s to discover things that block our flow and heal them. As we do this, our consciousness shifts, our awareness shifts, and more and more we can live in our human bodies, knowing ourselves as our soul: our true authentic selves.


2 thoughts on “The Impermanence of Life

    • Thanks so much. These days I see my world and life in levels that correlate. Did you ever see a game board that has 3 levels, like checkers or something like that? I played some game as a kid that sits in the shadows of my mind, that was like that. (Will have to Google it). I find it easiest to learn through stories and analogies, so I love to use them.


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