How To Create World Peace

After becoming inspired by some fellow bloggers, I delved into the topic of why we hold onto our hurts. To follow the entire thread of my thought process, here’s where my thoughts first rambled. In it, I went down the rabbit hole of what’s going on when someone criticizes us, if we just can’t put the pain down.

Along the journey of figuring out how to heal my pains, I’ve discovered that the way to change an old belief that doesn’t work for me anymore, is to change my perception of the event that created the belief in the first place. And because subconscious beliefs live in another space-time dimension, they must be accessed by tuning into where they live. I do this using meditation and hypnotherapy. They work for me.

One of my favorite teachers, Bashar, reminded me that events in our lives are inherently neutral. We, with our band of merry emotions (and not so merry), ascribe meaning and value to these events. In changing the meaning and value of a specific event, we can let go of pain.

During my young years, as I grew up in a household where I experienced a pain, I created beliefs in an attempt to feel better about myself.  These beliefs formed as a direct result of my family, and were proportional to how out of whack my family members were.

When you grow up with lots of crappy and untrue beliefs tucked away in your psyche and body, they act out in lots of not so great ways. They’ve affected my behavior and my health. The older I’ve grown, and the more I change, the louder these old, dissonant beliefs and their corresponding disconnected bits of myself, cry out to be healed. Pieces of me that were left by the wayside want to come home.

Every time I denied my divine soul, in every way, shape, and form, a part of me became left behind, blocked from the whole, left in the dark. I denied myself by not honoring myself. By not listening to my intuition. By blowing off that part of me that is my direct connection to Source Energy and All That Is.  Every time I shut out my divine self, a little (or not so little) piece of me became stuck wherever she was. In whatever temporal space-time dimension she experienced splitting off from the whole of me.

Why did I not honor myself and my intuition? Survival. During one of my (hypnosis) healing sessions, a few years back, I can still remember when it was revealed to me what had happened when I was very young, that was crying out to be healed. As I followed the threads of feelings, images began to come into focus. Finally, an entire scene played out, and I realized that I had made a conscious choice at one point in my very young life to subjugate my will to that of my mother’s. I realized that life would be less painful if I went along with what she wanted, and if I didn’t speak or act out my truth. I blew myself off. My divine, beautiful, sparkly, bright, very young, self.

When I did that, a big part of me fractured from the rest. Some people refer to it as having a shadow. To me, it feels like I lost part of myself for a while. But that day, she came home to me.

Healing your life is one giant soul retrieval, with many bits and pieces becoming lost along the way of our youth, to end up calling to our adult selves to go back and rescue them. These are the pieces that call us stupid, slow, fat, lazy, defective, less than. They are the pieces that criticize us, and speak to us in less than loving language. When you notice that voice within you that is unhappy and critical, understand that what you’re hearing is the voice of a belief that was created a very long time ago, and one that NO LONGER RESONATES WITH YOU. That is why they are uncomfortable.

When that voice calls you lazy, it’s the voice of someone else who put the thought and belief into your head. It’s not your authentic self. When that voice calls you trash, it’s not your divine authentic self, either. The most insidious lost bits of your soul might not show up as condescending and critical voices in your head, but rather as illness and disease in your body.

When we block the energy of Divine Source from ourselves, this can create disease and dysfunction in not only our emotional selves, but our physical bodies as well. I saw this when I healed diabetes in my body. I had not learned how to love myself and spent a lifetime restricting the flow of love to my heart. I literally saw it looking bruised, black and blue, and very, very sad. With that flow of love opened back up, my heart was reconnected and instantly became joyous and healthy. And diabetes is no longer a part of my life.

With each reunion, we experience relief and release. We get to know ourselves more and more. And we let go of more and more judgments and beliefs that we’ve carried that no longer serve us well. We experience more and more freedom and peace. Our brain chatter that can be so negative, changes. And our physical health can improve as well.

I ascribe to the belief that we exist in a holographic universe. One of the properties of a hologram is that every single discrete piece of a hologram contains the entire picture or pattern shown as the whole.

If you have a hologram of a four-leaf clover and you break the hologram in half, each half will show a complete four-leaf clover. If you break those pieces in half again, every single piece will show a complete four-leaf clover. And so on.

It’s where we get expressions like “as above, so below” and “as within, so without”. And it explains how, as I’ve witnessed the release of patterns in my life, once the knot that held the pattern in place was undone, it allowed the threads of the pattern to completely unravel. I’ve seen it like pulling a thread in a sweater, and the entire sweater unraveled, becoming the yarn from which it was created. Changing one tiny piece of the whole, changed the entire pattern, dissolving it in moments.

As we bring all these lost bits and pieces back to ourselves, we change. How we perceive the world and interact within it changes in kind. Our world literally changes.

This, my friends, is how to create world peace. As you create peace inside the world of you, it has no choice but to extend outwards, affecting everything in your life. And how is peace brought through this process? Love, acceptance, compassion, empathy, and forgiveness. As within, so without. As above, so below. Because the world is energetically a hologram, as you heal your hurts, the effect ripples out to the entire world.


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