The Long Con of Life

Here it is. Why are we here? We are here for the long con. The biggest con of all. To reconnect to ourselves. To know that we were never broken. We were never less than. We were never all of the wonky things we thought we were.

We were never really lost or separated, it just felt that way, looked that way, and seemed that way. We were never really alive because we never really die. This human consciousness we carry lets us play out one big long con until we leave these bodies. It’s all for the experience of it all.

We come into a human body and pull down the blinders. We don’t know we are eternal and perfect beings. The separation has begun. Then we enter into human programming through the human fear-based brain. We are literally steeped in survival programming, otherwise the con wouldn’t stand a chance of getting off the ground. We make thousands upon thousands of decisions beginning before we are even born.

We steer our lives this way and that, letting our emotions be our guides. I did this thing and it caused pain. Pain hurts. I won’t do that again. I did that thing and I felt better. I’ll do that again for sure.

And then life throws us something that we must navigate using only our survival brain because we are very young and inexperienced in this thing called life. Life throws us a curve ball. In order to navigate the curve ball, we create a belief that brings relief to our brain. Even if the belief is not true. The sense of logic that was created within the brain allows chemicals of comfort and ease to flow again. The con is underway.

We have just created our first belief that separates a piece of us from our divine core self. The con is rolling. As we are “socialized” and “taught” how to behave within the parameters of our families and our society, we create more and more beliefs about ourselves, more lies, cutting off more bits and pieces. We separate ourselves further and further away from our true selves.

Worst case scenario, we experience such complete and total fracturing of our soul that we create separate personas in an attempt to cope and stay alive. Shy of that, we pick up coping techniques that become self-destructive because they only reinforce the lies of the beliefs we’ve created. Addictions perpetuate the beliefs of less than and imperfection that we create because they temporarily make us feel good. The brain gets happy for a while. And then the lie, the belief we created about ourselves takes center stage once more.

The reason the beliefs we create about ourselves, which are lies, create such havoc in our lives, is because of the dissonance they have with our souls. Your soul knows you as a perfect, beautiful, amazing being, who is literally created from unconditional love. And as such, you are unconditional love. Any time you believe otherwise, it causes reactions inside of you.

It causes reactions, pain, frustration, anger, and fear of all sorts. These are your clues. Follow them to the belief that is alive and well, and fucking you over every day.

Follow your feelings. Feelings of fear, pain and disconnection are the easy button of life. They are the bright red neon sign pointing you to what wants to be reunited with your soul. What is crying out to be reunited with your core essence.

As you discover ways to heal the lies you create along your life’s journey, you will discover a feeling of coming home to yourself. You will notice more peace in your heart. You will know that you are beautiful, and valuable, and perfect, and worthy, just exactly as you are. You will know that any beliefs otherwise were part of the long con whose purpose is to reconnect you back to yourself.

Actually, you were never really separated. It was all in your mind. And it hurt your heart.


9 thoughts on “The Long Con of Life

    • Thank you! I’ve actually used a variety of styles of healing to get to where I am today, including Reiki, acupuncture, intuitive readings that included healing, guided meditation, Matrix Energetics, and a variety of other non-labeled modalities of energy healing or energy therapy. I’ve learned about healing by reading and watching videos from people like Barbara Brennan, a ton of Hay House authors, and too many more to list here. And have participated in classes and workshops.

      But what I’ve been using recently (that I believe your question is really asking) that seems to really click for me is working with a hypnotherapist. Being in the state of hypnosis allows my thinking mind to become quiet so I can access the part of my mind that connects through my intuition to what I think of as the invisible field of consciousness that contains all the information I could ever need or want. My hypnotherapist has a way of getting me started in looking for what’s going on beneath a situation or feelings (that keep coming up for me). I either pay attention to a physical sensation of contraction (pain or discomfort), or tune into emotional discomfort- whatever comes up. By following intuitive threads of discomfort, I am eventually led to a scenario that explains what happened in the first place to create the discomfort. Essentially, I see the why and when that a part of my being became separated from the core whole. And this separation happens when we create beliefs. I now see these beliefs as lies, or ways our brain explains things that don’t make sense to our heart self, things that are painful in some way.

      Sorry to go on so long, but I very much appreciate your question. I believe there are many ways to get to where I am, and tapping into intuition (no matter how it’s done) has been a very big part of my process. All healers use this one way or another.

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      • Thank you! I appreciate the details of your healing path. This is something I have been working on as well, instead of trying to get away from feelings I don’t like, I’m attempting to accept them into consciousness and be curious about them. Otherwise I am just running all the time.

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