Love Is

Love is huge. It is gigantic.

Love Is

Over the past several weeks, I’ve had some incredible experiences with love. While working on healing old hurts that left me not trusting myself, love showed up. And it showed up in the form of angels. God’s messengers of love.

The first time Archangel Michael showed up, the love that he brought was so intense that it left me in tears. Love will make you cry. I don’t care who you are. When you feel as much unconditional acceptance and complete absence of resistance as I felt, there is no other choice. It melts you from the inside out.

Love is the ultimate permission slip that allows us to let go of that which is not our Divinity.

The thing about feeling love when an angel brings it, is the quality of love you’ll recognize the moment you feel it. The quality that Archangel Michael brings to love is power. Incredibly powerful love. Boundless love. Love that absolutely nothing can withstand.

Last week, during a healing session, an angel showed up that I have no special name for, but I knew it was an angel of forgiveness. It stood there, holding incredible amounts of love, to help me forgive myself. I met it nine years ago, quite unexpectedly during a hypnosis session for weight loss.

At the time, it showed up to help me let go of buckets of shame that I’d held onto for far too long. It’s appearance came quite out of the blue, and the hypnotherapist I was working with didn’t have a spiritual background, and thus was as surprised as I, to have an angel join the session.

However, the hypnotherapist I work with now is quite spiritually connected and has me connect to Source (God) in every session, to allow wisdom to come forth, and to bring in love. Because when I feel the energy of Source, it feels like love, I have no problem calling God, love.

I’ve learned that when I hold beliefs, like beliefs that I am less than perfection, and beliefs that I am less than love, feeling these beliefs feels like a contraction, or a tightening of my emotions and a tightening in my body. They feel like weight on me, like fear, like anger, and other things that are uncomfortable. Love brings expansion and relief.

What love does is stand there and allow. It doesn’t judge. It allows. It doesn’t resist or repel. It allows. It doesn’t push me or shove me, or tell me I should be this or that. It allows and accepts me exactly as I am.

Love doesn’t make me be or do anything. Love takes me as I am. Love holds me up. Love lets me be me.

When I am loved so fiercely that it brings me to my knees, what it really does is remind me of who I already am. And with that, I let go. I let go of less than. I let go of shame. I let go of judgment. I let go of fear, anger, sadness and frustration.

Everything that is not my Divine self is allowed to dissolve, transmuted back into love. All I have to do is let go.

Love is.


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