Just How Real Is Reality?

Over the past six years, I’ve been an avid student of energy healing and spirituality. More so energy healing than anything else. I also like to read about and watch informational videos about how we perceive reality. Because I’ve been changing so much with all of the healing work I’ve been doing, the way I perceive the world is changing.

In fact, my most recent healing session changed my perception so much that it was flipped around completely. I’ll write in more detail about the session soon, but what I saw as pieces of myself turning around, represented turning the way I perceive life around 180 degrees.

I must have reached some invisible tipping point after creating many small changes in many healing sessions, because how I see life flipped completely around. My brain has literally changed how I am able to perceive my life. It brought me one step closer to seeing the world through non-physical, non-human, non-three dimensional eyes.


With all energy healing, the goal is to allow fragmented pieces of your soul to be perceived by you again. Things happen in life and we lose the ability to be able to perceive our souls. We lose the ability to perceive ourselves as our souls.

When this happens, it seems like we lose a part of ourselves. That’s why I so often use language of a lost piece of me that got stuck in time. This is how I perceive it when I can no longer connect to parts of my soul. I have lost the heart connection to my soul.

With every healing experience, I become reconnected to pieces and parts of my soul. I am able to perceive them again. The words, “I once was blind, but now I see” are so fitting.

I’ve noticed that because so many of my lost bits and pieces are now back with me, because I can perceive myself much more strongly as my soul, the feelings and emanations of my soul are able to shine through my physical being that much more easily. In other words, I feel a lot more love in my heart, and the amount of it I feel in any given moment in time is so much more than I used to be able to feel.

I have learned, that reality is truly subjective. How we perceive our reality is based upon so many things. And lately, I’m seeing that people who walk around with different levels of consciousness, quite literally perceive different worlds. I see reasons for this involving beliefs we carry, especially the subconscious ones. And also, it’s related to how much of ourselves as our soul, we are able to perceive.

Through several different teachers, I have learned that what we perceive as our world is merely one possibility. And what I didn’t fully realized until recently, is that I can perceive the world one way and have someone right next to me perceive the world a very different way. At the same time.

A lot of our perceptions of the world are shared, but many are dependent on the individual. Dependent on a person’s level of consciousness; where they are with regards to their beliefs. Our beliefs are so powerful, they quite literally control how we perceive reality.

Have you ever seen a child who believes with all of their heart that something is true, when you know it’s not, and there is no convincing them otherwise? For them, it is true. It is their reality in that moment in time.

Have you ever had the experience of going to an event or seeing something happen with some friends, and talking about it afterwards, only to have very different stories of what you saw? The stories we generate about what we see and experience are highly dependent on what we believe. The feelings that we bring up in association with what we perceive are dependent on our current beliefs. Much of the time, we see the same thing other people see, but not always.

About a week ago, I was looking for some advice, some help. I was looking for another perspective about a few things in my life; a perspective that would be helpful for me. I had a psychic reading with a woman who I’ve seen online. She channels information that she receives very clearly, and it comes through Beings in spirit, including guides and people who have passed away.

In particular, she works with the spirit of a boy, Erik Medhus, who passed away about ten years ago, and who helps many people today. Because when he was in life he was bipolar, I thought that he would have a perspective about my son, who deals with brain issues, that would be helpful to me. What I never thought about, was the level of consciousness of the person who was channeling him.

When the psychic medium brought through Erik, the advice that she gave me with regards to how to handle my son, and what his future looked like, did not resonate with me at all. Although some of the facts of what was happening at the moment were correct, the way they were interpreted, especially as she looked into the future didn’t feel right to me at all. It felt like another reality. It felt like what I would have seen if I’d looked through my eyes about seven years ago, before I had discovered energy healing and healed many of my wonky beliefs.

Part of what she told me was to warn me about trouble that she saw coming down the line in my son’s life. She wanted me to be prepared for it. But, because so much of what she told me felt really off, it bugged the crap of me, and I kept wondering why. I finally figured it out. Because of the level of her consciousness, because of where she’s at with regards to her beliefs, the timeline she picked up on when looking into the future was different from what I’m living.

She quite literally perceives life differently than I do, and this was glaringly obvious when it came to predicting future events. Her perception of life has everything to do with her consciousness: what she believes and what she pays attention to and focuses on in life. Fortunately, I am aware enough to understand that she was only looking at one future possibility for my son, and it was not the track that he is on in my world. Not at all.

As I’ve been healing beliefs that were keeping me separated from my core of pure love, the amount of love I can feel in any given moment in time is becoming greater and greater. Because I feel more love, and can radiate it out, my focus is more solidly on love and concepts and ideas that resonate with love and unity. As I hold a stronger and stronger focus on love and unity, my ability to perceive more love and unity is also growing. The way I perceive the world is quite literally changing for me. I am seeing that reality is actually quite flexible.

This is very different from a Pollyanna who sees the world through rose-colored glasses. A Pollyanna feels pain and denies it’s there. What I do is heal the pain, making it disappear like magic.

My soul has a grand mission of wanting to heal the world. I’ve been grappling with this thought that keeps coming to me, over and over. Because of how I’ve grown up looking at my world and looking at reality, being able to heal the world has always seemed like an impossibility, until now. I thought that everyone around me had to do something in order for the world to change.

From a merely 3D, physical, human perspective, yes. In order for the world to change, people need to do things and create change. And the more people in the 3D world can focus on their lives through their hearts, what is created will reflect feelings of love and unity.

What hit me square in the face in a major healing session very recently, is that I can change my own reality merely by changing things within me.

I don’t have to change anyone or anything other than me. Merely healing my beliefs of separation is creating change. Through healing my beliefs of separation, my perceptions of the world are changing. What I see and feel is changing.

Dr. Hew Len knew this when he used the Ho’oponopono practice to heal a ward criminally insane patients, without ever seeing them. Instead of focusing on healing the patients, Dr. Len focused on healing himself. He focused on healing things existing inside of him that had to do with whatever it was about a patient that was showing up as mental illness. With beliefs and feelings healed, mental illness was no longer perceived. The beliefs and feelings no longer existed in either Dr. Len or the patient. He was able to change reality so powerfully that the people who had been mentally ill were no longer ill. The affect he created is now a shared perception.

We make an agreement when we are in spirit to hold the belief that we become physical beings living in a physical world. Most of us also made an agreement to lose the ability to perceive non-physical beings and things. But some people maintain the ability. We call them psychics and mediums.

I learned you can change your world simply by changing your beliefs. They are that powerful. And if you get really, really good at it, you can heal the world.





4 thoughts on “Just How Real Is Reality?

    • That’s so exciting to hear you say, because when it comes down to it, the only person one can control or effect is ourselves. Even realizing that means your understanding of life has evolved from where so many others stand. Bravo!

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  1. I seriously want to heal the world, too. I’m chipping away at it, one person at a time…always returning to me. Sometimes, I forget if it’s them or me I’m working on…

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    • The secret is, when you work on yourself, you are helping everyone in your world. Every time you heal something in you, it ripples out to everyone. You might not see it with your eyes, but you’ll feel it as you walk differently in the world.

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