Moving Forward By Removing Blocks

The feeling of movement and flow is one of life’s quintessential qualities that we need to feel in order for life to bring us health, happiness and satisfaction. There are a few different ways to look at moving forward in life.

One of the easiest ways to figure out why you might be having trouble in an area of life, is by looking at what could be blocking your flow.

We all have the potential to have our Prince Charming, or Princess Charming, but every now and then, we seem to be looking and looking and no one seems to stick. Like Goldilocks and the bears’ beds, this one is too hard and that one is too soft. But instead of the third one being just right, you find that when you crawl into it, the blankets try to suffocate you.

One way you can go about looking at the trouble is to blame each bed, criticizing them up and down. You can keep trying them, putting your head at the foot of the bed for a change, and still find them inadequate, or you can do something different and flip your perception around.

Instead of putting the blame on the beds, look in a mirror and see what it is in you that gets all cranky with each different bed.

The bed that’s too hard, is actually your want of a softer mattress. The bed that’s too soft is actually your wanting a bit more support from the mattress. And the blankets that tried to suffocate you remind you of the time you stayed at Grandma’s when you were little and got all turned around in a bed, waking up at the foot of the bed where the blankets had been tucked so tightly you couldn’t get out. You freaked out in fear, feeling like you were being suffocated. They smelled just like your Grandma’s blankets, and your old fear got triggered.

This is how life actually works. When the flow of life in any area has slowed to a crawl, or has completely stopped, it’s an amazing opportunity to roll up your sleeves and get a little assistance with figuring out what’s really the culprit. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes, or someone with a bit of experience in the area of helping people who are stuck in life.

Pretty much, if you don’t seem to be making headway, time to take off the blinders and enlist some help. Fortunately, when looking for a fresh perspective to what might be slowing your roll, there are tons of options out there, from talking to a dog, to having a chat with a good friend. Seeking out a trusted advisor such as your church clergy, a therapist, a counselor, and my personal favorite: an intuitive, is always a good option.

What you want, is a new perspective that can help you start rolling forward again. The reason I like intuitive information, is it brings a perspective not seen by most people. The info can illuminate an issue in a way you never thought of, and there is no guess-work. An intuitive sees what’s causing the log jam.

If you’re not sure which way to go with any advice, my advice, based on tons of personal experience, is to listen to your gut. Listen to your heart. If you base your decisions only on your reasoning brain, the way you go might not feel right inside. Trust that feeling deep in you over everything else and you’ll never regret a decision.

After trying those three beds, finding them each inadequate in some way, with your new perspective, you learn there is a master bedroom, and you ditch all the crappy beds for the Tempurpedic upstairs. The model where you can raise your head and feet. And when you get there, you find your Prince or Princess Charming, waiting for you.


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