A Few Life Lessons

Over the past several months, Kundalini energy – an energy of creation – has been working its way through me and my entire energetic system. It’s been working its magic on my mental body, burning off everything that no longer serves me. It’s sort of like the healing work I’ve been doing over the past several years, but on steroids. All sorts of old beliefs, low frequency energies, are leaving me. In droves. Kundalini energy is a sort of fire burning through me at times, recreating me from the inside out.

One thing that hit me the other day is a few of the life lessons that have been plunked right down into my head as truths. These are phrases I received in a flash of “knowing” that have been backed up by experience. What’s really bizarre and cool at the same time, is these phrases are what people commonly refer to as platitudes said during times when we have no answers for life.

I now know where these phrases and expressions come from. Once upon a time, they were intuited by someone like me, backed up by an experience. (Experience cements something into us as something we know, rather than something we believe.)

Anyway, onto the good stuff.

My newest truth is, “You will never be given more than you can handle.”

This is the absolute truth to me now. It’s no longer a platitude. I had a moment a few weeks ago when life almost became more than I could handle. Know what happened? Spirit intervened. As simple as that, and yet not. I was taken right to the brink of life. And when I reached that precipice, spirit dove in and caught me.

In that moment I also learned that, “No one dies without permission.” We don’t leave the physical world without permission from both our soul and God. If we are not finished here in the physical world, we stay. And as long as we are here, there is meaning and purpose, simply because life, as a whole, has meaning and purpose.

Moving our consciousness from a state of pure energy into perceiving ourselves as physical beings is not random. It is an act we do very much on purpose. We create plans as an outline for our experience, make agreements with other spirits to join them and interact with them while we are physical, and when it’s agreed upon by our soul and by God, that’s when we leave – and not before.

Something I’m now understanding more and more, is the quality and depth of healing that happens with Kundalini energy is exponentially more than the healing I was achieving without it. I am healing things not only from this lifetime, but other lifetimes too. And, the energy from my own healing ripples out beyond me, to the world.

Often times, people go through an entire lifetime without having a close up view of mortality until right before they go. I’ve received that gift years before my time. The gift of having a dance with mortality, for me, is the knowledge that we don’t leave until we are finished, and I am very, very far from finished.

And as much as I know this is true for me, I really believe it’s true for everyone. Over and over, I’ve read stories about people who’ve had brushes with death, only to be saved at the last-minute. There are books out there about people who have been saved by angels (both the real ones and human ones). And every case of near death experience is also evidence supporting my new truth.

The take away is this: if you are here, it’s not by accident. Life itself is purposeful. If you are alive, it’s because at least part of you wants to be here. You are not done yet.

Does this mean that life feels wonderful and fabulous all the time? Abso-freaking-lutely not!! And anyone who tries to blow that up your nose needs to take a look at their own life. But I do know that the way things feel in life change. We have all sorts of feelings and emotions pass through us every day, and some of them feel great, while others, not so much.

I think in one way I’m over the most difficult part of this Kundalini awakening experience. Although, I also see that in other ways, I’m still in the thick of things. As with all experiences, the longer I’m in it, the more I’m learning. And also, as with anything brand new, there is a learning curve. And this one is proving to be steep.

Now that I understand a bit more of my own process, the biggest challenge is that I’m not only healing things from my life and other lifetimes, but when I interact with other people, my heart is so open now and my system is so sensitive, that I’m taking in what doesn’t serve them (at least whatever I resonate with), and healing that too. And I don’t seem to be able to stop this from happening right now. The “healing” process seems to be on automatic pilot. I couldn’t stop it if I wanted.

Figuring out how to manage all of this has been a full-time job, and sometimes only by the grace of God, I’m making it through.

As platitudes become truths, this experience rolls on.


4 thoughts on “A Few Life Lessons

    • Thanks for reading and for you comment. I’m sorry your Hub is still having so much difficulty. All I can say is, he must be in a lot of pain. And it sucks that he’s directing it towards you. Unfortunately, when we’re in pain, it’s either directed towards ourselves or towards others- especially those we love and trust the most. He’s probably blaming himself (very unconsciously) for the end of the relationship and taking it out on you. Messed up, I know. But this is how it can go. Hang in there.


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