Spiritual Wisdom: It’s Not My Job To Know “How”

Inspired by another blogger, today has me remembering spiritual wisdom that came to me as a bonus at the end of a healing session. At the time, I was trying to figure out how to create a shift in what I was seeing and experiencing, while in hypnosis. The more I became mired down in the muck of how I was going to make it happen, the more blocked and entrenched I became. Finally, I let my hypnotherapist know I was stuck.

That’s when she called in the big guns: spirit helpers.

The hypnotherapist I was working with, had a big bag of tools at her disposal, and one I really loved was calling on help or guidance from either my higher self, or spirit in some form.

Over the course of several sessions, I met helpers in the form of Father God, Mother God, a few different guides, my Higher Self, Jesus, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, and other beings in spirit. What they brought to a session was a sense of safety and trust, the energy of love and compassion, and spiritual wisdom. They reminded me that creating inner change was easy peasy, and when the going got tough, they did the heavy lifting.

During a hypnosis session when I’d get stuck, it would show up as some form of inner resistance. Sometimes it was a wall, or more commonly, fear. One time, the fear was so intense it felt like pure evil. And as it began to melt away, I knew it was merely extreme and very dense fear. Fear beyond all fears: way beyond terror. And yes, it dissolved. But I digress.

My hypnotherapist would ask a few questions to help me move forward again, and one was to have me ask a guide for help. To ask them what I needed, in order to move past whatever was stopping me.

During a session when I looked at why my blood sugar was high, when deeply into the session, I saw a scene where my young self, around four or five years old, stood looking at my bruised and battered, sorrowful heart who was mightily struggling. Becoming aware that the heart was so sad because the child didn’t love it, my inner child looked at my heart and cried, saying she never learned to love her heart. She was so very sorry, and apologized over and over.

When I was guided to see if that little girl could learn how to love her heart, she didn’t know how. And I didn’t know how to make things happen. We were stuck. I was directed to ask my guide for help, and as soon as the girl turned and asked for help, she suddenly knew to open up to a bright, warm, comforting light that was suddenly shining down on her, like the sun. She spread her arms wide, closed her eyes, tipped her head slightly back and soaked it all in. Just like I’ve done so many times on a warm, sunny day.

When I looked back at my heart, it was suddenly pink, healthy, energized and very happy again. The energy of Universal Love, of Source, was restored. I moved this energy throughout my torso, bathing all my internal organs in love, watching them all become joyful. (Within three months of this session, my blood sugar went from a level indicating Type 2 Diabetes, to pre-diabetic. Within six months, it was normal and has been for the four years since.)

After going through a number of hypnosis sessions when I became stuck and spirit did the heavy lifting, dissolving fear, giving me answers, and moving me forward again, one day when I was once again stuck and wondered how something was going to happen, I was told very clearly, “It’s not my job to know HOW.”

I can’t see in to the future and know exactly how something’s going to happen, even though based on past experiences I can have a pretty good educated guess. Our brains let us think we know how something’s going to roll out, because of past experience. But the fact of the matter is, the more gently we hold onto having to know how something’s going to happen, the more we’re open to magic. Our job is to focus on an intention, a desire, knowing we’ll get there.

Growing up, I always wanted a husband and a family. As I grew into my twenties, going through a few relationships, the desire for economic security entered into the picture. As the strength of my desires shifted from a husband to a job I liked that had decent pay and benefits, I went back to school and put my love life on hold, during the time most of my friends were getting married and starting their families. After graduating and getting a good job, working away from home ten to eleven months a year, as much as I knew it paid well and would give me good job experience, I also knew it wasn’t an environment, or the time to look for a husband. I decided to save money for 3-5 years and then move home, find another job in the field, and find Mr. Right. What I never expected was to find Mr. Right a year into my new job. It changed the trajectory of my life.

As much as I kept my focus on having a husband, how he came to me, I could have never dreamed up in a million years just a few years prior to meeting him.

During hypnosis sessions, the moment I’ve finally let go of wondering how to make this happen or that happen, things have shifted, creating alchemy. Transformation. Transmutation. Magic. The intention is set at the beginning of the session to create healing change.

At the end of one session, as I looked back at the shift that had just been created and wondered, “How did I do that?” I was shown the answer as I thought about focusing in on one thing, one breadcrumb. I focused on whatever became most prominent in the moment. Whatever stood out or popped up. And as I focused on it, feelings would often guide me back to the past when a scenario would pop up, another breadcrumb. I didn’t make them happen; as I allowed the process, they just happened. Then the next breadcrumb would come up. And so on. Magic in allowing.

As much as my spirit understands I don’t have to know how I’m going to get from point A to point B, my very human self has finally devised a way to move from breadcrumb to breadcrumb, helping alleviate the worry about how.

When I’m striving for a goal, looking into this or that, I notice what catches my eye. What grabs me? What’s got my attention? I look at it and bring it into my heart. Is this the right thing for me now? How does it feel? Does it resonate and feel right?  If it does, I go with it. If not, I move on.

And when I’m trying to accomplish something and have reached the point where I’ve pushed and tried, and pushed and tried until I’m blue in the face and things aren’t working out, that’s the signal to let go. Let someone else do some heavy lifting for a while.

All I have to do is know I’ll get there. To keep the faith. It’s not my job to know how.



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