Inner Change

In mere moments or hours, the result of an inner shift of perception can change how we experience things in life. Something that was an emotional trigger is no more. Something that was a never-ending impulse quiets down. Inner feelings of heaviness are lifted. Overwhelm dissolves. And so many other truly miraculous changes happen without changing anything in the outer world.

Healing things like a fear or trust are biggies. Finding a seminal moment during childhood when I lost trust in the world, and healing it, truly transformed my life.

Going through a Kundalini awakening is a process of healing on a major level. It’s healing more than a moment from childhood or a past life; it’s healing through all time and space. Or at least it feels that way. Each inner shift goes deep, really deep. And the integration of a shift involves the body and mind.

With my hypnotherapist unavailable, I began working with a local intuitive whose gifts and talents run the gambit from being psychic, a medium, and a channel. She also uses guided mediations to facilitate healing, which I’ve done with her years ago. Our lives have come together again and she’s been helping me move through my Kundalini awakening process using guided meditation.

Quite recently I had a second meditation with her and a few hours after I got home my body began releasing and changing so significantly that I was in excruciating pain. It’s the first time I’ve experienced such intense pain so quickly after a healing session, which tells me a few things. One – that my body is responding quickly to energetic shifts. And two- that what was released was HUGE and affected me in my second chakra area (my female organs).

After dealing with the pain for about fifteen minutes or more, realizing it was only getting worse, I finally ran for the medicine cabinet and downed some pain medicine. Watching the clock, it began to kick in after half and hour, and really worked after about 45 minutes. And this morning I’m comfortable enough that pain medicine isn’t required.

I’m so used to working in hypnosis: being guided in a way that is completely non-suggestive, allowing me to find my way and watching things morph and change. The hypnotherapist doesn’t interpret any of what is happening, but may ask questions that my own inner wisdom answers. I really love it because the experience is truly all mine.

Doing guided meditation with my psychic friend is a bit different because she intuitively sees things that are going on before I see them. She may not have the same detail or puzzle pieces that come up for me, but she’s more involved in my journey. And even though she might have some idea of what may come up for me, the journey and what happens is still truly mine.

For example, during one of our meditations she saw that I’d end up in a place, but didn’t know how I’d get there – what would happen to get me there. That’s mine – my journey.

Near the end of our most recent journey, I saw myself swimming in a lake, feeling free, energetic, and joyful, and just when I thought my inner transformation was over, the best was yet to come. With one question, things shifted and changed even more.

Massive energy brought to me in the form of a dragon, rose up out of the water. The power it brought was tremendous. Physically, the dragon was gigantic, and covered in dark scales that shimmered from nearly black to deep purples, blues and greens. It had wings and breathed fire.

The woman I was working with began to channel – her dragon spoke to me about mine. I’m still integrating everything I learned and felt, and it will be interesting as days, weeks, and months pass to learn more about Dragon Energy and how I can use it in my life.

The thing that constantly amazes me about our inner world is how deeply it affects our perception of the outer world. How changing something inside ripples out, changing our thought patterns and even our biology.

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