Be tough they say
Don’t let them see you cry
It’s not ok to be weak
You’ll be eaten alive.

I was eaten alive anyway
I hid my feelings
Under a rock
In my heart

Until it broke.

My brokeness cried
It screamed inside

I wiped away tears
With a soothing balm
I tasted of sweetness
When it was sweetness I couldn’t feel.

Tornadoes of vicious anger
Swirled me to the ground
I was the problem
It was all my fault.

Their impotence attacked
It pinned me down
Unable to protect
My mouth

And my voice.

Instead of flourishing
I died
Instead of empowerment
I slithered.

Like a snake
Winding its way betwixt
And between
Trying to survive.

Trying so hard.

Having been cornered
One time too many
My head chopped off
And then my soul.

Exoskeleton began to crack
Insides began to bleed
This isn’t working
Any fool could see.

Pain once wrought
Upon me
I was now
Wielding the whip.

Flashes of lightning
Began to spark
Something deep down
Skin peeled and began to shed.

It was time.

Time to put the whip down
Time to turn around
And see the other side
To see inside.

A soul’s true journey
Began to sprout
Slowly unfurling

Years of pressure
Reconfiguring bonds
Gradually shifting
My composition.

From detritus and peat
Into fuel
Changed once again
With fire and heat.

Into a diamond.

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