Energetic Portals as Doorways to Change

Less than a week ago we reached the peak of an annual energetic portal, the Lion’s Gate. It happens every August 8th. Not knowing a whole lot about it, other than it’s a portal and a fairly big deal, I read a little bit and discovered that there’s an astrological significance to the time of year and it’s a time when the veil between worlds is thinner.

As such, people can leverage this special time to create wanted changes in their lives.

It’s a time when people rewrite life agreements and set intentions. For some people, writing letters and then burning them helps make shifts in their lives. Or gathering en masse participating in group meditations. I know several people who take advantage of portals.

As for myself, a big energetic shift happened smack on 8/8, and not by my conscious intention. It was one of these inner shifts that was ripe and just happened. Sort of.

I inadvertently said something to my Sweetheart that hit him sideways and triggered him. The next thing I knew, he was upset and his energy ran through me like a mule kick to the gut. For the rest of the day, I held my tongue as my head became a shitstorm of crap thoughts. It truly sucked. The next day, after a horrible night’s sleep I could barely eat and had the shits as my stomach ached.

The thing is, when these moments happen, a part of me deep inside resonates with his upset and shifts energetically. It becomes healed. And once the healing shift happens I become aware of what was going on. But during the moment it can be hard to recognize thoughts racing through my mind for what they are. More often than not it’s only after the shitstorm-of-my-mind has quieted that I can see with a bit of clarity. Sometimes a phrase will come to me immediately after the shift, but things weren’t so clear the other day because of the intensity of the resonance.

The past five days have been rough. But things are easing a bit. Receiving some Reiki the other day helped.

Because I’ve been so immersed in my own stuff recently, today I’ve finally been able to take a step back and see some of the shifts going on in the outer world. And one form of change I hadn’t thought about until recently is the ultimate shift. Moving between worlds by leaving the body. As Theo says, croaking.

Energetic portals can make transitioning between worlds easier as evidenced by the recent passings of Olivia Newton-John and Anne Heche. And an acquaintance’s father-in-law. Any time someone crosses over it creates a big energetic ripple, a release of grief and sadness. And love.

I grew up with the music of Olivia Newton-John and was introduced to her by the movie Grease. I was a fan. She represented beauty and grace and was stalwart and philanthropic during the years she lived with cancer. Her death has hit so many people, and the light she brought into the world was felt by millions.

When people cross over tragically as in the case of Anne Heche, I see myself in them. I know the inner demons and pain that drives people to perpetrate self-destructive behavior. I know it so intimately. And especially in the case of Anne, finding out she was a victim of incest (by her father) really hits home for me. Oof. I’m simultaneously saddened that she wasn’t able to heal her demons, and jealous that she’s now back on the other side swaddled in the unconditional love she never felt for herself here.

But I know that it was their time because nobody dies without permission – without the agreement between their higher selves and God. Their souls took advantage of the thinning of the veil between worlds and crossed over.

Rest in peace Olivia and Anne. You reached mission complete! For now…

4 thoughts on “Energetic Portals as Doorways to Change

  1. Deaths of 3 women if you count the lead singer of The Seekers-in such close proximity to each other-made me stop and think. I keep feeling I need to DO something productive but whatever it is, isn’t coming to me, and even the simplest of tasks are overwhelming. I’d rather stay here and garden and take pics. Or see the babies. That’s about all the human interaction I can handle. Weird dreams tho with the portal and full moon.

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    • I usually forget about it too. But my entire system is so far from normal at the moment that I find myself reading several intuitives’ energy updates, complete with how we all may be feeling because of the energy of the earth and such.

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