Abortion: The Spiritual Perspective

Almost forty years ago, I became pregnant (through molestation), and due to several circumstances, gave birth to a baby and gave it up for adoption when I was still practically a baby myself. After that, I swore I would never again have a child that I would not keep and raise. So, for me, I wasn’t going to get pregnant until I was good and ready to be a mother.

That said, when you become sexually active very young and have a pretty fucked up very unhealthy sense of self, it’s very possible to become sexually promiscuous and not be mature enough to use birth control every single time you have sex.

When I was in college, I fell head over heals for a guy, and he for me. It was my first love.  Because of our immaturity when it came to talking about sex, once we started to have sex, we weren’t good about using birth control every single time. We were horny in love, and stupid.

About three years into the relationship, I became pregnant. At that point, I knew the relationship was on its way out, and there was no way in hell I was going to be tethered to this person for the rest of my life by having a child with him. I had an abortion. I never for one day regretted my decision, and always had a problem with people who felt like they had any say whatsoever in my reproduction.

Several years ago, when I was learning about spirituality and looking at life through the lens of spirituality, I came across a video that discussed abortion. In the video, Dr. Norm Shealy and Dr. Gladys McGarey, co-founders of the American Holistic Association, discussed abortion. Dr. Gladys McGarey related a story of one of her patients. This woman was very intuitive, and one day her young child said, “Last time when you were my momma, I was four inches long when I was in your tummy, and daddy wasn’t ready to marry you, so I went away. But I came back.”

Souls make contracts before they are incarnated into a physical human body. One of the contracts has to do with the incarnation: if the soul will completely merge with the human body and stay with it, or not. During the first few months of pregnancy, the soul spends more time outside of the body than in it. If something goes wrong with the cell division in the developing fetus so it can’t live, the soul remains non-physical, withdrawing its energy. This is miscarriage.

If the soul wants to “try out” what it’s like to be in a physical body, they could make an agreement with the soul of the mother, who will end up aborting the pregnancy. That way, the soul can see what it takes to live within a dense physical body, while keeping the full awareness of being in spirit. Or they could create an agreement where the mother becomes pregnant and has the option of keeping the pregnancy or not. Spirit does not judge which choice the mother makes.

There are instances where the souls of the baby and mother make a pre-birth agreement that the baby will only live a short while and then die (of disease, accident, SIDS, or some other cause), to further the mother’s spiritual evolution. In the eyes of spirit, when a baby dies and returns to the non-physical, there is no judgment. The soul of the baby easily readjusts to not being in a body. The challenge is being human, with all of our indoctrinations, beliefs, and judgments.

The following video is a discussion of abortion from the spiritual perspective that discusses several scenarios of how it could go down, and talks about some of the pre-birth planning that is involved. The information is coming from a person in spirit, Erik Medhus, who died in his early 20’s. His mother, Dr. Elisa Medhus converses with him regularly, asking him questions with the help of a few very talented mediums. Jamie Butler brings him through during this conversation.

Another source of my information from the spirit world comes from a group in spirit called The Council. They bring through information in response to questions that people write in to the blog, Ask The Council. They have received several questions about abortion, from women who have had one, to women who are considering having one and who are looking for advice. Without exception, the wisdom that The Council brings forth is always loving, supportive, and non-judgmental. In these situations, The Council discusses the pre-birth agreement between the mother and the soul of the unborn child, to see what was wished to be learned.

In this recent post, a woman has had two other abortions, and wants to know if her planned upcoming third abortion will hurt her one year old son in some way. She was afraid of creating bad karma for her son. The Council began by defining karma, and then explained that the souls associated with the aborted (and soon to be aborted) pregnancies all made agreements for the pregnancy terminations. There is no judgment around her having had abortions, or around the upcoming one. Just explanation as to why they were planned; what was hoped to be learned from them.

Here is the original post where you can listen to the nine minute recording of the actual session where The Council shares their loving wisdom.

Finally, a wonderful book I’ve read that is all about pre-birth planning, has a chapter specifically devoted to abortion and miscarriage. Your Soul’s Gift, by Robert Schwartz shares information gleaned by a handful of very talented mediums, and does not contradict that which I’ve shared from three other unrelated sources. Robert has generously made single e-chapters from this book available for sale, for those who might not be able to afford the whole book, or have the time or desire to read the entire book (although I highly recommend not only this book, but his first one, Your Soul’s Plan, as well).

Every time I have either read about or heard about abortion, the spiritual perspective is always the same: abortion is agreed upon by the souls of both the one incarnating and the mother, and that souls never die. There is no judgment from a spiritual perspective, and there are reasons for abortions that include experiences that both souls involved wished to have.

Abortion is not a sin, and should never be judged as wrong. The guilt and shame that is taken on by women who choose to abort pregnancies, thanks to the misinformation  perpetrated by various religions, affecting our society’s beliefs, is damaging. It has damaged many women, making them believe they have done something horrible, when in fact, they have fulfilled a contractual agreement. It is my hope for this information to spread far and wide, and find as many women as possible, so those who need it can begin to heal.