About My Beliefs

I was raised in a home where we didn’t talk about religion or politics. My parents voted on opposite sides of the political spectrum, and I had no idea where they fell with their religious beliefs.

My idea of God evolved from one of a father figure who sits with a conductor’s baton, controlling your life, and who passes judgment on your soul when you die, to that which is not an individual being. These days, my perception of God is the Universal Energy that created us, animates our human bodies, feels both masculine and feminine, and is unconditional and absolute love and acceptance. There is no judgment in God. None at all. And it is we  who create our lives, not some random dude in the sky.

Everyone can access this love directly. You don’t need someone to do it for you. You don’t need a religious person to be an intermediary for you. You don’t need to be in a special place to access God (although you can create one). And even when you’re not sure where it is, or if it exists, know that it always is right inside your heart.

Being not a big fan of going to church, I never really had any relationship with Jesus. I learned the stories I was told about him being the son of God and dying on the cross to magically absolve us of our sins. These days I believe that no one but you can do anything about your sins (I don’t even use that word at all because most of what we call a sin is a judgment). Jesus fully embodied what I call Christ Consciousness (as did some other avatars); teaching us about our innate divinity. Teaching us that there is more than just this 3D world we live in. He learned how to transmute and shift energy, being the Master that he was. He served as the example of what we all can be.

I use hypnosis (guided by a very talented hypnotherapist) to help me access levels of consciousness other than what our waking mind relates to. Using this tool, I’ve been able to shift energy and heal a lot of the wounds and trauma in my body and psyche. What truly surprised me one day during a session, was when Jesus appeared standing right in front of me with his arms outstretched. I was releasing some black tar-like gunk from my heart and he said, “Give it to me. Give it all to me. Don’t hold back even one little bit.” Since then, he’s been with me a few other times during healing sessions. Amazing embodiment of unconditional love.

Other than Jesus helping me during my healing sessions, Mother God has been working with me quite a bit lately. She represents the feminine part of God (as it is both feminine and masculine). She is the quiet, supportive hand that holds you up. But she can also be the mamma bear who protects her cub when necessary. For me, she has been the all-loving mother who is always there for me with unlimited support. She is the mother I never knew when I was growing up.

There are a few other guides that I am aware of who help me out as well. One of my earlier lessons about our support in spirit, was that I am never alone. I felt so alone for so much of my life, until I had a hypnotherapy session and became aware of my team in spirit. Guides, angels,  and relatives who had crossed over, surrounded me, becoming my cheering squad rooting me on. Now I know that I am not alone; and all it takes is remembering it.

One thing I’ve learned about our beliefs is that they can change. And that’s ok. When you believe something, you are going on trust. You might come across new information that shifts your belief. You are going by what makes sense to your brain and feels right to you (hopefully); what works for you. On the other hand, when you have direct experience with something, the information sits differently in you. You no longer believe because you KNOW. When you know something, it rings bells in all of your cells, it brings with it an unshakable understanding of what you experienced. (Like the difference between reading about or watching an orgasm, and having one yourself). When I do work in hypnotherapy, I tap into a level where I am able to KNOW things, truths. Truths for me.

So, as I’ve had more experiences to do with the spiritual realm, the more I know about it. And for things I don’t have direct experience with, I tend to rely on trusted people who have had direct experience. People who can see auras or who can see energy or spirit. People who have died and come back. People who have no veil of forgetting and remember all of their lifetimes and back to before Earth was even created. Yes, I’ve got some very cool friends who have some very real gifts, and you know what? They’re just like you and me with all of their own shit to work out.

That’s what we’re here for: to live and experience and learn and work out our shit by choosing love. Not the mamby pamby Hallmark card love. The all powerful, completely unconditional, compassionate and non-judgmental LOVE. Love heals all. Love is what we come from and what we are at our core. Love is truly eternal. And that’s what I’m all about.