This blog is a place for me to deal with my darkness until it can leave, allowing my light back in. It’s my story and my stuff. Sometimes being a spirit in a human body, dealing with human experiences can be very challenging. So challenging that it can be difficult to be here. Part of how I process out my “stuff” so life can be more bearable, is by writing.

Three years ago, when I began to do some heavy-duty processing of childhood trauma, I created Persephone’s Epiphany to have a 100% anonymous platform where I could share, vent, and figure things out as I peeled back scabs and scars. I’m in a different place now and felt that my writing warranted a new look, feel, and name.

I grew up in a typical middle class American family; at least that’s how it looked from the outside. My family looked pretty normal, with 3 kids, 2 parents, a house, 2 cars and a dog. What you didn’t see was mental illness and trauma, molestation and shame.

In the spring of 2011, a series of events conspired to wake me up spiritually and to completely change how I see and understand my life. It set me on a path of healing my traumatic past; a path on fire. Throughout my blog I use terms like God, Jesus, and Christ, but my definitions and “knowings” about them have not come from reading the Bible, but from directly experiencing them. In fact, because of carrying over some emotions from when I was killed for my clairvoyant abilities in past lives, I do not have a comfortable relationship with institutionalized religion and with the Bible. As such, my beliefs about these beings and experiences with them as energetic light beings, might be different from how you define and perceive them. Check out My Thoughts About…  and About My Beliefs for more info on this.

I did not grow up in a house that was very religious. We were the people who went to church mostly on Christmas, Easter, weddings, and funerals. And my parents never spoke about their religious beliefs. Waking up spiritually is fairly new for me, and learning how to look through the lens of spirituality (and learning about energy healing), has changed everything for me. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that when we connect to our intuition, we can connect directly to the Source energy that created us (God), and to our higher wisdom.

My name is Susan. I am a wife to a devoted husband and mother to a very special boy. My son is what I refer to as Human 2.0. As a human being, he has so-called special needs and invisible disabilities. He is also an evolution of our species. As a spiritual being, he is a Master. One of the things that makes him so very special is that he was born with Christ Consciousness: wired for Unity. Being wired for Unity in a Dualistic world can be a huge challenge. Our journey together during this lifetime is one of huge spiritual growth for both of us.

Added 12/29/16: Since this blog follows my evolution, if you want to start from its beginning, read here, finding links at the bottom of each post to the next.

Added 1/22/2018: Last February, my healing had reached a point where Kundalini energy opened and has been running full bore since about April, 2017. Having a Kundalini awakening has been a surprising (because I wasn’t trying to activate the energy) process. In many ways, it’s been the most challenging time of my life, while simultaneously changing my consciousness dramatically, creating incredible healing on many levels.

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  2. HI, I have a question. Every so often I get a high pitched sound in my ears/head that’s not disturbing and it’s not that there’s something wrong with me and I don’t have tinnitus, but it’s like a radio transmission almost and I stop and try to pay attention to what it’s trying to convey to me but I’m not sure what it means! I thought you would know…


    • I get that too. From what I’ve read, it’s some sort of energetic download (energy/spirit/information). I don’t know a lot beyond that. I always think of it as receiving something that my brain can’t compute other than by translating the energy as a very high pitched sound.

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