Pre-Birth Planning

Several years ago, before my spiritual awakening, when I was seeing a hypnotherapist to try to get at the nugget of my food addiction, I had an experience that changed how I view life.

During a session, I was trying to find the initiation of an unnamed uncomfortable feeling, that I was using food to satiate. After being relaxed into the focused state of hypnosis, I followed the thread of the feeling back to what I thought was the first time I’d ever experienced it. When my hypnotherapist snapped his fingers and told me to be there in the moment of feeling the emotion, I was able to “see” (in my mind) a scene where I was feeling this same thing. I was very little, about 2 months old, and was very unhappy.

One of the things my hypnotherapist would ask, was whether this feeling was new or familiar. In that moment I knew it was familiar. That was a signal showing that I hadn’t yet reached when the feeling was first generated, and I needed to go further back in time. So, my hypnotherapist began his routine over, directing me to go back in time to the very first time I felt this feeling. Fingers snapped and I felt like I was being squeezed all over. Holy cow! I realized I was in the birth canal. After a few quick questions, I knew the feeling was still familiar and we needed to go further back.

Once again, I tuned into the feeling and went back in time. Snap! I was there. It was dark. I was inside my mother’s womb, terrified of being born, afraid I’d bitten off more than I could chew. And once again, the feeling was familiar, so back again we went.

This next time, I was in a dark non-specific area where I could see shadowy outlines of people’s heads floating in a misty ethereal nothingness. I realized that these were souls who were in a sort of holding area, waiting to be born. When asked if the feeling was familiar or new, it was still familiar, so back again we went.

I let the feeling build, and snap! I was there. All of a sudden I was in a small room, standing back. As I looked, I saw two figures: one was me and one was a spirit guide. We were looking down onto a view screen that was on a small low table, and were watching a movie that was my life’s plan. In that moment, I knew that I planned challenges in my life to give me opportunities to learn and grow.

The belief that came up for me was, “I need to feel the pain of all of humanity so I can better empathize with people and be better able to help them.” We talked with my guide and let my current wisdom enter the picture. Do I really need to feel the pain of all humanity so I could help people? No. Not at all. The belief was transmuted.

And as important as transmuting a belief that was no longer working for me, I had absolute 100% confirmation that we create pre-birth plans to create various opportunities for growth during our lifetimes. It’s our free will whether we choose to change and grow or not.

After that session, I had other sessions where other planned opportunities for growth came up. One of them was when my son was first struggling in school, in first grade. The lesson for me was that we each have our own life path to walk. And that we are the ones who must do the walking. Sometimes life might get hard and we may slow our walk, or even have to stop or crawl for a while belly down in the mud, and that’s ok. During the more difficult times, all we have to do is reach out for a helping hand and it will be there. There will always be someone there accompanying us during our life’s walk, either in spirit or a physical body. We are never alone.

As much as I wanted to take away my son’s pain, it’s his life, his journey, his learning experience. I am here to help guide him along the way, but he is the one who ultimately makes decisions on what he will and won’t do. It’s his experience.

So far, the biggest overarching lesson I’ve received is that we close ourselves off from our divine selves when we enter our human bodies to give us opportunities to release everything that is blocking us from knowing that we are divine beings, created and of God. We are sparks of the Divine. Without the contrast of not knowing ourselves as God, there would be no potential for growth and expansion. And soul growth is what this game called life is about.

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If you want to read a few beautifully written books about pre-birth planning, Robert Schwartz has examined and written about a number of specific life challenges that people choose to experience during their lifetimes, a few of which are losing a loved one, experiencing a major accident, having a child with a handicap, or being raped. He described why a person chose a challenge to come into their life, and how they learned and grew from it. His work is very healing.