Meditation and Healing

Quick note: I wrote this yesterday.

Today, the day after an attempted coup on my nation’s capital, we as a collective are a bit hungover. Yesterday, the amount of fear and anger that was stirred up, egged on by our narcissistic president, made for one shit-storm of a day. People were at odds about everything, while simultaneously trying to find rafts of safety to grab onto. Like minded individuals. I saw many people trying to respectfully disagree, while others tantrumed the day away. Torrents of vitrole rained down on every social media platform real-time as orphaned inner children by the millions were activated, crying out to be acknowledged.

I, myself, struggled at times to reign in my own strong emotions, wanting the protestors who’d broken into the Capitol building and stormed the halls of Congress to be taken down swiftly and completely. At this point it wasn’t about political parties but about my government’s ability to peacefully govern. Staying as non-inflammatory as possible, I participated in a few discussions on social media, and when I got too wound up, I took a break.

Perusing my social media feeds today, people are sharing images and messages to uplift. And a spiritual teacher I follow mentioned spending time doing Tonglen meditation. Because I’d never heard of it, I looked it up on YouTube and found this video of Pema Chödrön giving a short teaching of the practice.

Pema begins the video by letting us know this form of meditation can be used when the world is falling apart. The inbreath recognizes physical discomfort or anguish of an area or with a group of people and holds the intention of removing their suffering, their fear, their anger. The outbreath sends out the space for those suffering to be able to live with it with more grace and ease. Or if someone is hungry you could intend for their satiated hunger, see them receiving food.

As I listened to the video and began to meditate for the healing of our nation, my mind went to the reason why people become so emotionally triggered. Why they become so upset that they’re willing to interfere with a bedrock part of our political system; to interfere with and try to overturn a fair presidential election. And at the core of every emotional trigger is a wounded inner child crying out. Everyone’s got one.

As protesters escalated, the collective cry from their wounded inner children resonated stronger and louder, vibrating in concert with the wounded inner children of those who opposed the protest. Pretty soon millions of wounded inner children country and world wide were resonating more and more strongly, contributing to a collective vibration of pain and fear.

The wounded inner children called out with all their unmet needs: feeling trapped, in danger, unsafe, invalidated, and abandoned. Fear and anger were triggered spurring tirades of speeches demanding justice and retribution. And even leading to death.

I began to think of what things every wounded inner child desires and before I knew it a mantra came to me. As if the Divine Mother and Father were speaking to everyone’s wounded inner child, telling them what they needed to hear, the following phrases came to mind:

You are safe.
You are seen.
You are loved.
You are heard.

I said them out loud over and over, and before I knew it I connected within and emotions from my own inner child gave way to tears. With tears streaming down my face I repeated the words over and over. Willing my inner child to not only hear them, but to believe them.

When our wounded inner child is healed, their need to speak up and become activated dissolves. And with the connection through the heart flowing again, we hear our own inner wisdom and can take action in an efficient and effective manner, instead of merely lashing out in pain. Or we can simply go about living our lives instead of being twisted into knots.

As we’re reminded by flight attendants on an airplane, in case of emergency, put on your oxygen mask before helping others.