Healing Cancer

Before I even get into this post, please know that I do not and have not had cancer. But, if I ever did, the first thing I’d do is book a session with my hypnotherapist to look into why it was with me. Cancer always has a reason for finding us. Always. Sometimes it can be healed, saving a person’s life, and sometimes the life is lost, healing the cancer in the transition into death. There are times when cancer can be healed, and the person still passes away, free and clear of the energy. And there are times when a person has cancer and lives with it, eventually passing away, but not directly because of the cancer, and not healing the energy of cancer. This last scenario is what happened with my father. He lived with cancer for over 25 years, and it was never healed or cured. And it was not the cause of his death at almost 86 years old.

I learned the other week, that it’s possible to heal cancer, even before you have it. Here’s what happened.

I have a history of cancer in my family. Everyone I am blood related to from my parent’s generation and my grandparent’s generation, except for one grandmother, had cancer. Because of some previous inaccuracies in our medical knowledge, for years I’ve felt like a marked woman. That because so much of my family had cancer, that I must surely carry a genetic propensity for it, and will likely get it at some point. Modern medicine loves to blame genes for cancer. But they are still working on what turns on a gene in some people, but not in others. The fact is, genes, in and of themselves do not cause cancer. There has to be something that activates them. (Check out the field of epigenetics).

The realm of energy healing doesn’t need to get wrapped up with genes, it dives in and asks disease why it’s here and what it and the body needs to become ok and get happy.

As has happened a number of times for me, at my most recent hypnotherapy session, I was addressing something that’s been in my face for a while, something that’s been physically uncomfortable, and the energetic reasons for it absolutely blew me away. I wouldn’t have guessed in a hundred years what came up. And working with a talk therapist could never have uncovered what wanted to come up and be healed. I was shocked, stunned, and must have used up half a box of tissues.

Since last summer, I’ve been tending to a cranky gallbladder and touchy digestive system. If I manage things very proactively, with diet and supplements, everything is happy. But every now and then I’ve gotten lazy, and the result is a sluggish digestive tract which causes pain for my gallbladder.

I’ve been asking why the digestion has been slow, and part of it has to do with how my body reacts to foods it’s allergic to, lately. Staying far away from certain foods has helped a lot, but it hasn’t completely resolved my issue. While rolling the question of digestion around in my mind, and after having conversations about it with a close and trusted friend, it occurred to me to look into not just specific functions, but digestion in general. Why am I having so much trouble digesting food in general? And then the thought hit me to go even broader, to looking into digestion of life.

What am I having so much trouble digesting in life? I’m learning that knowing what question to ask is half the battle sometimes when it comes to healing.

After a few clarifying questions from my hypnotherapist, we dove in to see what would come up. After going through the relaxation phase, she had me notice what I noticed. I noticed my gallbladder talking to me by becoming uncomfortable. As I tuned into it, I picked up on a thread of fear.  The fear was stubborn. It took a few different angles of approach to see beyond it.

When I finally made headway, the fear looked like me, around 3 years old. In a flash of memory, I saw an adult hand grabbing onto my upper arm, making me move down our old hallway. But whose hand was it? I knew, but didn’t want to know. More resistance. I knew that someone wanted me to do something or go somewhere, and being an independent toddler, I wanted to do my own thing. Stubbornly, the resistance wouldn’t let up.

I rolled possible people into the place of the hand on my arm. Was it Mom? That was a very likely possibility. No. It wasn’t Mom. But who and why? I wondered if it possibly could have been Dad. After all, he would do that with us to get us going: grabbing our upper arm so as to not hurt us.

The moment I wondered if it was Dad, not only the affirmative answer hit my head, but the entire reason for my upset did as well. And it was huge. Gigantic in fact. For my little three-year-old self, it had been life-altering. This was the first time my Dad was angry and took it out on me. I knew he wasn’t angry with me, in fact, he was angry with someone else, but took it out on me (because that’s what parents unknowingly do).

The reason it was so shocking to my system, was because up until that moment in my young life, Dad had been the one safe person in my family, my life. He was the one person that I trusted. He was my one source of safety in an unsafe family. And now that was shattered.

It broke me.

As the reality of this little three-year-old’s world hit me, I could see my father with his head hanging in hurt and sorrow. He hadn’t realized that this outburst, this particular interaction with his toddler had been so damaging. He hadn’t struck her, and in fact was careful to not physically hurt her. And yet, her world changed forever that day.

I knew my father was sorry and apologetic. I was directed to picture my father sitting in a chair in front of my 3 year-old toddler self, and to talk to him as the toddler. I expressed my hurt as best I could, seeing that my father wanted to apologize. And as much as I knew he was sorry, and could see that he was sorry, I couldn’t feel it.

I couldn’t make my little one feel the sorrow, and until she could, I knew forgiveness couldn’t happen. It’s something that must be felt in order to be real. As I wondered how to move forward, I remembered that it’s not my job to know how it would go down, but to hand it over to Archangel Michael, who was standing by at this point.

His massive winged form stood in front of me, slightly off to the right, waiting for me to turn things over to him. As soon as I did, Dad was no longer sitting in a chair in front of me, but was standing out in front, and slightly off to my left, facing Archangel Michael. At the same time, an epiphany hit me: my father had experienced the same loss of trust, loss of faith in his own father when he was very young. He had been hurt too.

As soon the knowledge was dumped into my head, tears of empathy fell, tears of sorrow for his hurt fell. Dad had been hurt in the same way I had. It explained his strained relationship with his father. And then I knew that his father had the same experience with his father and so on. It was a chain of energy that travelled down the family line! Holy shit!! I finally felt Dad’s remorse and shame flow. The dam burst in both of us. More tears.

At the same time, when I looked at Archangel Michael, I saw light coming from Source down into his head and out through his hands, beaming directly to my heart and my right side (that had been uncomfortable). The light was divided into two beams; one royal blue, and one emerald green. I knew the light was healing me. And an instant later, when I looked over at Dad, it connected into his heart and his prostate, healing him. Then the blue and green light connected to my grandfather’s heart and prostate, and the organs of his father and his father that required healing, and on back as far as it needed to go.

In this moment, I knew that what was healing was an energetic chain of cancer that came down through my family, and it gave the men prostate cancer. In a flash, a cousin appeared off to my right, and I saw that where he’d had his prostate removed last year because it was cancerous, still carried the family energy of cancer. I saw the ball of energy in him. And as soon as I saw this, the healing light connected to him as well, healing him.

That chain of cancer causing energy in my family is done. It stopped with me. It has been healed. I believe in my heart my brothers and son will never have to tangle with it. Time will tell. That said, I have no idea if there are any other planned illnesses in their soul contracts, or other familial energetic chains that they might have to deal with in their future. But they won’t have to deal with this one. I healed it with forgiveness and love.

With this massive shift underway, I checked in with my body again and saw blackness rising out of my heart space and from my entire right side. Some of it was thick and tarry, some was light like soot, and some was so dense that it cracked and was taken care of by Archangel Michael. Little fairies came and took away the bits of soot.

Well, Archangel Michael took care of a lot of it, but my heart was helped by Jesus – that’s his territory. He works with my heart. As he’s done before, he stood in front of me, hands out, directing me to give all the blackness to him. Every bit of it. I know now that he can take it. This is what he does, transmuting the blackness, the pain, the fear, back into love.

As he took it all, he commented that I was doing a great job, and that I’d always been one of his quicker students to catch on. I’m remembering what he taught me before, and look forward to remembering more. I think what he was talking about was a thought that hit me as the shift was occurring, the thought that forgiveness can’t happen without the ability to feel empathy. That’s why we have the capacity to feel empathy; so the incredible process of forgiveness can happen. And it can only happen through the heart. True forgiveness has as much power as true unconditional love. I don’t know of anything more powerful in existence.

With all of the forgiveness energy flowing, and the chain of wounding and cancer being healed, as the blackness was leaving my body, I saw light shining out from beneath. But it wasn’t just white or golden light, it was rainbows. Pretty little rainbows. I noticed and thought to myself, that’s cute. Little rainbows. I wonder why rainbows.

The answer was immediate. The light held all the colors of the rainbow. Full spectrum light. The light that was now available to me was full spectrum. It was all frequencies available. I know from uncovering darkness before, that this light is me. It’s who I am. It’s who we all are. We are all beings of light. The only thing covering it up is old hurts, pains, and beliefs that no longer resonate with our current truth. More of the real me is now shining forth again.

I was directed to check in with my toddler self and she was happy, so very happy. In fact, because she was healed, she began to age progress in front of my eyes. Every time during my life that something had resonated with this original trauma, it set something off in me. All of those echoes were being healed. My age steadily progressed into my teens and then my twenties, and on up until I reached my present age, healing happening along the way.

When I checked in with my father, and his father, and so on, they were all so very happy. They told me that they’d had all their hopes pinned on me. That I’d be the one to finally stop this dreaded chain. I suddenly realized why Dad had become a doctor. But he couldn’t heal the chain using modern medicine. And then I realized why I couldn’t go to medical school and had made a hard right half way through undergrad, abandoning my plans of medical school. Good thing too, or I’d likely never have figured this out.

I saw my father, grandfather, his father, and his father, hoist me high on their shoulders, carrying me around with a “Hip, hip, hooray!” taking me to the nearest pub to hoist a pint. It all felt very proper and very British. Then I remembered that my grandfather was born in England, as was his father. Of course. It made sense now.

Now that the shift had happened, and healing was proceeding, there was nothing left for me to do. Everything was being taken care of. Archangel Michael would hold the energy in place for as long as was needed, and Jesus would stay as long as he was needed.

With Jesus’ comment about my being a former student, he got me curious. I’ve seen a previous life of mine when he walked the earth, and I saw him heal my child. I also know I was a teacher during that lifetime, but those are all the details I have. I believe that a big part of my life now, is to have experiences and remember his teachings through them, so I can put them out to the world again. At some point, I’ll have a past life regression and take a look into this.

At that, with my consent, my hypnotherapist wrapped up the session and brought me back up to full consciousness.

This was one of the most intense hypnosis adventures I’ve had to date, primarily because I was completely shocked at how I’d been hurt by my most loving father. And secondly because I was surprised to see the ancestral chain of cancer. When I think of the word karma, this is how I use it: as an energetic pattern that is carried on like a chain, through a family. In my own family, I’ve seen this dynamic twice. Other than this instance, where it brought prostate cancer, I’ve seen it on my mother’s side, where it brought a pattern of emotional mother-daughter wounding in the form of verbal abuse. I also healed that chain.

During the session, after the “holy shit” moment of seeing the energetic cancer chain, I cried because I couldn’t believe my soul had chosen to take on such a burden on not one parental lineage, but on both sides. I had a momentary “poor me” episode. For just a moment, I sat there thinking, WTF? Why would I choose that?

But faster than the speed of light, the realization of how completely and utterly amazing my soul is, I AM, hit me like a bold of lightning. How amazing am I that my soul not only took on these extraordinary challenges, but figured them the eff out?!! I mean seriously! Who does that?

I’m just a housewife who doesn’t like housework, and who would rather write and take pictures than anything else, who’s doing the best she can to raise a complicated and amazing son. I’d rather mow the lawn or use the chainsaw than vacuum the house or clean a toilet any day. All I wanted was to lose weight back when I first gave hypnosis a try almost seventeen years ago, and look where I am now. Whoa.

What I’m trying to say is, if I can do it, anyone with proper training and drive, can. As Jesus said (or thereabouts), these things I do, you can do, and more. Heck ya!

Just a quick note: I didn’t begin this session with the intention to dig up a pattern of cancer in my family, it came up along the way. If you have cancer or suspect you do, always work with a medical doctor. And know that energy healing is a great compliment to traditional medication. Also, people who are medically trained with hypnosis can help with things like pain control. There are lots of options out there to take care of your health and well being.