When Something Comes Up, I Heal It

These days, I’ve not only discovered this wonderful thing called energy healing, but I’ve now got about six years worth of experiences under my belt. What I mean is, about six years ago, when I had a spiritual awakening, I began to seek out intuitives and energy healers to help me with my life.

During the past several years, I’ve had many experiences that have taught me, and are still teaching me not only about healing myself, but about how the world works, and my place in it.

When there is something in my life that is uncomfortable, and continues to come up, I now know that I can create change, a shift. And in doing so, whatever was causing the discomfort can leave. I can heal it. This can be emotions and feelings, or with my physical body.

I understand that my life and my body is a creation that I have a huge part in creating. I am understanding more and more just how I create things in my life through beliefs I hold.

Because I’ve now had many experiences of digging up emotional triggers and pain, I’ve seen what was causing them, and know that old beliefs that I held about myself, were the issue. The thing is, figuring out what’s causing a trigger is best done in an altered state of consciousness, simply because a trigger is caused by an unconscious thought (belief). I use hypnotherapy and guided meditation most often. I’ve also used intuitive healers, who can see underlying causes that are not available to my conscious mind.

For physical issues, I’ve worked with medical intuitives. They are fantastic. And my current naturopath is also an intuitive healer as well as a chiropractor.

About two and a half years ago, my regular naturopath (it was before I met the intuitive one) diagnosed me with diabetes. My blood sugar had been a little bit high for several years, but it was absolutely in the diabetic range at that point. I’d learned enough about energy healing by then that it occurred to me to look into why things were off kilter, using hypnotherapy. You see, our bodies are designed to be self-healing. If a body becomes sick, there is a reason. With illnesses that pass like a cold or flu, I now see being sick, or catching a bug, as a way for an energetic block in the body to be dissolved or alleviated.

Back in the spring of 2014 I had a hypnotherapy session looking at diabetes in my body. What came up was amazing to me. My heart was battered and bruised, and I had never learned to love myself. The healing that happened that day, in combination with a shift in my diet, healed the diabetes. Because our bodies exist as dense objects (unlike our energetic spirit), although I healed the reason my body developed diabetes in a moment, it took my body another six months to show healthy blood sugar levels. And they’ve been healthy ever since. (It takes time for the cells in your body to die off and replicate with the new energetic template). Yes, part of the healing has involved changing the way I eat, but without doing the energy healing part, diabetes would still be in my energy field. It’s now gone.

Back in the summer of 2015, it occurred to me to try using hypnotherapy to heal chronic acid reflux I’d been dealing with for about seven years at that point. Here’s the description of the session: what came up and what was healed.  It had to do with being verbally wounded by my mother when I was a young child. My body responded fairly quickly, and the reflux was gone within a few months. These day, reflux (and the meds I took every day for years) isn’t a part of my life anymore.

Last summer, I sought out a healer I had worked with only one time in early 2011. Because the session I had with him created so much healing for my back, I’d wanted to have another session with him ever since. Finally, this past summer, I had the opportunity to fly to Florida for a few days and have two sessions with him, while I visited with a dear girlfriend. He has grown his abilities quite a bit over the past several years, and the amount of high frequency energy he channels and sent through me was huge. In fact, I became so ambitious that when I got home, I grabbed my son and flew back to Florida for a few weeks, so I could have another few sessions, and so my son could receive healing as well.

One thing I didn’t realize about this particular healer, is that his ego is so big, it blinds him. He’s so caught up with clearing everything out of a person that is not their pure divine soul, that he’s not mindful of creating chaos in the physical body. In coercing my body to energetically release too much too fast, it put my gallbladder into a state of crisis. I am still having to provide first aid to my body until all of the energetic shifts work their way through, and so far, it’s been six months. I won’t need to see that healer again.

I’ve been working with my naturopathic doctors on this issue. After having an ultrasound, my two naturopaths gave me differing advice on how to proceed (one of them has some additional training that gave me the option of keeping my gallbladder). Although it will be more work, I decided to go with my intuitive naturopath’s treatment plan: to support my body and allow it to heal. Because even if I had my gallbladder taken out, if I don’t heal what caused the crisis, illness is very likely to crop up elsewhere.

He’s got me on vitamins and supplements to support my body while it’s in crisis, and most importantly, he’s able to determine what foods I need to steer clear of while I heal. (I’m getting quite a lesson in food and my body). As well as my wonderful doctor, I have received acupuncture treatments to help my energy flow better.

About a month after my gallbladder acted up quite badly, I finally got together with my hypnotherapist and looked into it. Because the liver and gallbladder work hand in hand, the session addressed both liver and gallbladder. What came up this time, took me to not only my childhood, but took me back to a previous lifetime when I was a soldier who died on the battlefield. The beliefs that came up were about living in authenticity.

So, even though I am not thrilled about having a touchy gallbladder, forcing things to the surface pushed me to do the healing work so I wouldn’t have to have my gallbladder out. And it has been a huge learning experience on a few levels.

I’ve noticed that as I use hypnotherapy for issues in my life and heal them, I am changing. So are my hypnotherapy sessions. The information that comes through to me has more depth and complexity and clarity these days. As I heal things I no longer need to have in my energy field, I am literally clearing away darkness in all its forms. The light that I am is able to shine more brightly and more clearly.

Triggers are disappearing. Reactions to people who hurt me in the past, are dissolving. My patience and tolerance for everyone, including myself, is increasing. My love of and for self, and my connection to divine source are all getting stronger all the time. My relationships are deepening. And because so much anger is gone, the peace in my heart is more prevalent than ever.

As with a snowball rolling down a hill, growing larger as it rolls, as I create healing and evolve, my ability to affect healing increases and evolves. It’s been quite a trip. And the best part is, as with all energy, as I heal and affect my energy field, it ripples out and affects those around me, whose energies affect those around them, and so on. It affects the world. Working on yourself will affect more than just yourself, and you won’t have to DO anything other than be yourself and follow your curiosity and excitement. Beautiful!

Where is this all going? I’m not sure, and frankly, the further I go, the less I’m concerned with any sort of destination. I see that healing things in my life is more of a journey or an adventure, creating new lenses to see through. It’s dropping lenses of judgment and conditionality. And it’s creating a new way of walking in the world and relating to life. Walking in my most authentic shoes.

Do I still get upset about things and experience fear, doubt, frustration and sadness? You bet! That’s part of why we’re here: to experience the full range of emotions and feel them, not stuff them. I move through them faster and with much more ease than before, and rarely stuff them. When seem to get stuck, it’s a signal to me to take a look at what’s going on. Life is an adventure if you choose to see it that way.