Choose Love

I haven’t posted in a while because I’m away from home. I’ve travelled with my son to spend time with a dear friend and also to have a handful of healing sessions (both my son and I) with a gifted healer in this area. As it turns out, I’m about an hour outside of Orlando, where 2 days ago a horrific shooting happened.

After the healing session I had yesterday, the healer mentioned the recent shooting to me and asked me what I thought about it.

When I hear about mass tragedies, my mind jumps around to many levels of seeing what happened and why. I inevitably initially think of the perpetrator: what made them do such a heinous act? Maybe they are mentally ill and didn’t get the help they need because our mental health care system is so broken. Plus, we don’t understand mental health and so easily damage certain people.

Maybe they had easy access to an assault rifle and making it much more difficult to get such a gun would have made it harder to pull it off. But then again, when guns aren’t available,  people will find another way, such as home-made bombs made with everyday components. Back when I was growing up outside of Boston, they bussed kids from the inner city out to the suburbs to school. They didn’t have guns, but you bet there were knifings on the buses. Or maybe the perpetrator is a pawn for groups that are vying for control by spreading fear.

What happened in their life that filled with them with such hate, intolerance, and rage that they found this particular avenue to act it out? What was so unacceptable, deep within this person that they felt they had to kill it by killing it in others?

And I think about the victims and their loved ones left behind. The loss and pain. How will the children of the single parent who was just killed, make it? How will the family who has just lost their child cope? How will the boyfriend or girlfriend deal with the death of the one they knew was their soulmate, and go on? How will those injured, but not killed, continue on in life, forever physically and emotionally changed? Will they be able to heal?

When I look at the bigger picture, I see the shooter representing things in society that are too far out of whack and need to be healed: intolerance and judgment. And I see an opportunity to bring in love. When there is pain, this is first and foremost a call for love. Because what heals pain? Empathy, compassion and Love.

What I told my healer friend is that I thought the Orlando shooting was a way to crack open people’s hearts and bring more love to ourselves and to the planet.

Pain cracks open our hearts in a way like no other. When you have lived through a painful situation and have made it through to the other side, you are in a unique position to bring empathy and compassion to others and help them through a similar situation.

During emergencies, there are always people stepping up to help. People are drawn to wanting to help.

Because of what I know about pre-birth contracts, when several people die in one event, they have consented in pre-birth contracts to participate in something that will create a large shift in mass consciousness.

With the Orlando event being precipitated by hate and intolerance, I see all around me people stepping up and opening their hearts. From helping victims on the night of the shooting, to donating blood, to holding vigils and praying, people are opening up and giving from their hearts. People are supporting the LGBT community and raising awareness for tolerance and compassion for all people, no matter their sexual identity or preference. We’re also being reminded to show love to people in our lives, because you don’t know how many more opportunities you’ll have to do so.

I see people connecting to their humanity, comforting those around them, reaching out through their own pain. I see hearts breaking. Breaking open. And I see collective consciousness being raised.

Yes, there is fear. Fear that if a shooting can happen in a nightclub where people have gathered to have fun in an environment where they feel safe, it could happen anywhere at any time. And people do all sorts of things in the name of fear; some very reasonable, and some not so much. The human instinct to survive is very strong. And one of the reasons this instinct can become so extremely fear-based is because the human brain doesn’t know that we are actually eternal beings that never die.

What I am seeing more than anything is the tug-of-war of people rising up against this field of energy called hate and fear, and other people focusing on increasing the love, compassion and tolerance quotient in the world. Because I know that what we focus our energy on expands, instead of placing my attention on something I am against, I choose to focus solely on love.

I choose to keep my heart open in gratitude for the souls who gave their bodies in sacrifice, and in gratitude for their families (who also had pre-birth contracts) who are now struggling to come to grips with life without them. I choose to keep my heart open with compassion for everyone whose sexuality/ sexual identity does not align with our society’s narrow definition of “normal”, that they can be recognized as a human who loves just like any other, who has dreams and hopes just like any other. I choose to drop judgment.

I choose to not live in fear of being randomly shot. I choose to not live in fear of randomly being a victim of a terrorist attack. I choose to not live in fear because these things are not random. I choose to not live in fear because when groups of people live in fear (especially fear of death), they are easy to control. And frankly, as much as I have a lot left to do before I leave this planet, I’m not afraid of leaving my body behind and transitioning into pure spirit.

“Where your attention goes, energy flows.” “What you focus on, expands.” The vibration that you emanate is matched by the universe in what comes to you. I have not only heard these quotes from my teachers and read them in books and articles, but I have seen them in action in my life.

Can you step through your fears and choose to find the good? Can you focus on the helpers?* Can you choose LOVE?

*“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Fred Rogers