Christ Consciousness, or Living Through Your Heart

Over the past five years (since 2011), I’ve had an intensive education about looking at life through the lens of spirituality. I’ve read extensively, watched and listened to interviews online (several of which I compiled in a YouTube channel), and have had my own personal experiences by taking classes and going to workshops and by connecting directly to the source of the information.

Gathering lots of information is one thing, but deciding what’s true for me is another. One of the first things I noticed as I was learning things that were new to me, was when I read or heard something from several different sources. Individuals would put out the same message, even though the information had come to them in different ways. I figured, if the same message came through these different people, with their different experiences, there must be some truth to it.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that this method of sifting through information was using my head in combination with my body. As well as accepting truth that came to me in this way, I’d see how the information felt to me. Did it feel right? Did it feel comfortable? As long as it did, I’d file it away as true for me.

As I was coming across information that felt new to me, I’d sometimes have an epiphany or an “aha” moment. When this happens, it’s not that I’d learned something new, but rather remembered something as already true for me.

In time, as I changed and learned and healed, some of what was filed away as true for me, changed. It no longer felt right for me, and that’s fine. So, I let go of it, knowing that the information could very well be true for others and not for me. We each have our own personal truths. That’s the paradox of truth. It’s actually subjective. When I think of an idea as being true for most or many people, I see it as a universal truth.

And when you have your own personal experience, you can move from believing in something (based on other people’s sharing of information or from their experiences), into gnosis: direct knowing. You may believe in God because you were taught about him from the time you were a baby. Or you may have your own personal knowledge of God based on direct connection and experience. In my own life, I have found the two to be profoundly different. As different as looking at a picture of a lemon and reading about one, versus holding, smelling and tasting it.

Knowing all of this about truth, if something in my blog doesn’t feel right, it may not be true for you. In that case, just leave it. If something resonates with you or feels right, then feel free to put it into your basket and take it with you.

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Some of what I know as Christ Consciousness comes from very trusted sources, and some comes from direct personal experience.

So, what’s Christ Consciousness about?

Jesus, Christ, or however you call him, was a man who walked the earth about 2000 years or so ago. He fully embodied Unity or Christ Consciousness, which was needed at the time, because most people had long since forgotten. He came to remind us about our divinity: that we all emanate from one divine source, and yet are unique expressions of this one source. He knew that how we treat others is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves, because I am you and you are me. We are all mirrors for each other because we are truly all one.

He also knew that the physical part of our body that directly connects to this divine source from whence we come, is our heart.

When you connect to your heart space, you can touch the divine and access your divinity and healing energy. I took a workshop called Awakening The Intuitive Heart that will forever cement this truth in my brain. [And bringing the brain and heart into coherence is a big part of what I’m here for. Their partnership.] During the workshop, we spent time doing healing work and then spent time connecting to our hearts. When I connected to my heart, I literally connected to the Divine. To God. When it happened, it was so overwhelming that tears streamed down my face.

The incredible unconditional love and acceptance that I felt blew my mind. I can’t even do it justice because my human mind is too limited to completely accept and understand it all. I communicated with God for a while and was able to remember some of it. I knew that much of what was downloaded (in a matter of seconds) into my being will never be understood by my limited brain, but some of what I grabbed onto was his telling me that he’d been waiting for me to connect to him. (Even though during this experience, my perception of God was male, I have also had experiences of the female essence of God as well). He seemed to be joking a bit about my taking so long.

He let me know in fact that I am always connected to him, always have been and always will be. And in that moment I was able to recognize that there are times that thoughts pop into my head that are actually from God (or my guides). They are often very subtle and quick thoughts, and always have a certain feeling of being guidance. They are never thoughts of judgment or negativity in any way. Never.

He let me know that I am always loved and that because I come from God and thus am part of God, I AM LOVE. Even though my brain perceives God as a being separate from me, we are ONE. My essence affects others. As I heal myself (my shit, as I usually call it), it literally affects others. You want to heal the world? Heal yourself.

From a scientific viewpoint, as I release lower vibrating energies that we call fear, anger, distrust, frustration, and the like, the vibration of my complete being rises. (We are vibratory beings made from light). Because I emanate my vibrational signature merely by existing, it rings out from me affecting everyone I come in contact with. As my vibrational essence intermingles with others’, they are reminded that they are not their fears or their judgments, and it gives them permission to let go of their own lower vibrations.

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When I speak about living through your heart, I am talking about making decisions based on how they feel in your heart, from a place of your divinity and highest good. For me, it’s all about feeling, not thinking. My brain is chock-a-block full of fear and judgment. Its purpose is pure survival. My heart is all about this magical spiritual journey called life, not JUST living. It’s living with a purpose, with feeling, with joy, with compassion, with heart.

If I’m having trouble making a decision, the way I handle it these days is to take time. Most important decisions that don’t have to do with immediate survival can be considered and mulled over.  I sit and let my chatterbox brain quiet down (meditation is good for this one). I think about a decision and feel it in my heart. Using the filter of Oneness, of the Divine, does the decision feel comfortable? Does my heart expand? Do I feel ok with it? Or does it make me feel contracted in some way or bring pain to my body. Does my chest hurt? Does my throat tighten? Remember, this is feeling through the heart, not the mind.

If a decision feels comfortable and right in your heart, but your brain is freaking out, know that’s just fear. Fear of judgment, fear of failure, fear of success, fear cause by an old belief that no longer serves you. Fear of the unknown.

Jesus came to remind us about our innate Divinity and to demonstrate how to live through your heart. He came to remind us that we each are amazing, beautiful, talented, compassionate, sparkly, loving beings just because we exist!

If you know how much intention and effort goes into changing energy from a spiritual form into physical form, you will know that if you are here, your very existence is divine and is very valid and purposeful. You are not here by accident. Another way I think about that is: God doesn’t make crap. You and everyone else are divine beings! Remember who you truly are.