Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is one of the most important pieces of healing that a person can do for themselves. When you experience trauma, if it’s not fully processed, a piece of your self can become stuck in time, associated with that trauma, or split off from yourself. That bit of yourself feels like it’s gotten lost or has been lost to the darkness. This can be trauma caused by abuse, or caused by war or any violent act. It could happen because of a car accident, or even witnessing a violent crime. Or it could happen because of severe judgment from a parent or caregiver when we are very young and dependent on them. It’s a tearing or shearing of your soul or spirit, from your core divine self.

If you’ve ever heard of shadow work, or about people having a shadow side of themselves, I see it as a part of themselves that is stuck, not knowing who they really are. I also have experienced this part of me as being separated from the rest of me because it holds onto a belief that is no longer true for me. This dissonance in beliefs is what is holding it separated.

The great thing is, soul retrieval can be accomplished several ways. In my own life, I’ve had a shamanic practitioner perform a soul retrieval ceremony, and she helped bring pieces of my spirit back to me. And I’ve had several instances of retrieving pieces of myself using hypnotherapy.

During the shamanic ceremony, my intention was to create healing around my relationship with my older brother. At the time, he was going about the business of executing our mother’s will, and I was being severely challenged by old feelings of anger and rage towards him for his having molested me when we were young.

One of the outcomes of the ceremony included my stepping outside of my brother’s dream bubble: my being energetically disconnected from my brother’s life. I am no longer so intricately entangled in his life’s journey, goals, or path. Yes, we have interactions, but I am no longer the fly caught in his web. This has brought about a lot of emotional freedom.

As for using hypnosis for soul retrieval, during one hypnotherapy session, I remember very vividly being tuned into a part of me that felt very young, and very scared. As I tuned in further, I saw a very young girl standing in darkness. At first it felt like she was in a cave, and then it appeared that she was in a dark closet.

During the process of the session, I saw several other little girls who represented bits of my young self, coming out of dark closets where they had been for decades. Allowing them to reconnect with myself created some big physical healing for my stomach. By the time I had that session, I had been living with GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) for a very long time, and had been on daily medication for over six years.

After the healing that happened during that session, it took several weeks for the energy to trickle down into my body and make changes so I no longer have GERD or take any meds for it.

One final way I’ve experienced soul retrieval healing was through what was called an Akashic Records healing session. I sat down with a clairvoyant healer who travelled clairvoyantly with one of my guides, to the place of Akashic Records (a non-physical place where everything in your life experience, past, present and future, is recorded). As it appeared to her, she and my guide went to a big building that looked like a library filled with scrolls that represent each person’s life. They were further assisted by a guide who gave them four things that belonged to me, but had become split off from me. They were: life force energy,  self-empowerment, love, and knowledge.

Once those things were reintroduced to me, I began to feel lighter and freer. They helped me feel better and more like myself.

There are many names for the processes that create soul retrieval, and no matter what you call it, the end result is the same: creating wholeness of being. You literally reconnect with parts of your spirit. You are no longer disconnected. In doing so, I have created more peace in my heart and completeness in my being.

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