What do you seek?
What is the incessant nudge that won’t leave you alone?

What’s missing?
What’s your if only… ?

What keeps grabbing your attention?
Is it your purse or your worth?
Is it what you see in the mirror?
Is it finding Mr. or Ms. Right?

What are you chasing?
Better health and longevity?
More strength and fitness?
That satisfying job?
Or a place to call home?

What’s your itch?
To feel more powerful?
To be happier?
To have more time?
Or space?

What’s the ache?
The desire to feel more connected to God?
To have answers to the unanswerable?
To see the future?

What do you assume?
I used to assume everyone saw things as I did.
I used to assume those around me shared my values and priorities.
I used to assume my plans would come to fruition.
I used to assume a lot of things.

And then God laughed.
She laughed at my thinking I could control my world.
He wrapped me in love when unmet desires and aches became too much.
It nudged me and pulled me in directions my little brain didn’t see
To have experiences I never imagined.

What do you pay attention to?
Who do you listen to?
Is the loud voice of alarm – watch out!
Is it the constant chatter of the to-do list?
Is it the voice of disdain chattering on?

Is it the quiet whisper in the back of your head?
Is it the quiet whisper in your heart?
Is it the quiet or not so quiet whisper of your soul?

What are you looking for?
What do you seek?
And how to get there?

These days I’m looking to heal inner resistance.
Looking to release pressure, pain, anger, sadness, and fear.
So more divine love can flow through.
So I can experience peace in the midst of chaos.

I learned long ago it’s not my job to know how things will happen*,
But to set my rudder in the direction I want to go and head out.
Seeking is a part of life.
It’s the curiosity and desires that hold potential for expansion.
And it never ends.

*Thank you Archangel Michael for that one!

8 thoughts on “Seeking

  1. Nice. A few of those questions I related to, but the one line that hit home the most for me was, “So I can experience peace in the midst of chaos.” That is THE single hardest thing for me to do. Thanks for sharing.
    I try to get a profound quote posted once a week on my blog. Here’s one you might like.


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          • I meet few people who understand this message of divinity. I often feel like a voice alone in the wilderness, so it’s one of the things that drew me to your blog. On my blog, much of my posts are more subtle than directly stating the reality of our divinity, because people don’t always understand or get defensive about their own beliefs. So, I drop hints and sprinkle seeds. Not to mention, I’m also sharing what I need to learn.

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            • Perfect! My blogs have always been like a journal for me, sharing part of my life. I process things through writing. RMD is where I post the good, bad and the ugly, and Life’s a Journey Not a Guided Tour is my main blog. There’s some overlap between them, but this blog gets more raw.

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              • It’s brave of you to share such raw parts. I appreciate it. The character in the novel I just finished has gone through similar abuse, except my story is fictional. She gets involved with a modern day prophet (who is the real thing). Even being exposed to his healing powers, she cannot face her past. She struggles throughout. It was almost eerie how close your finding your divinity is to my character’s. I’ll let you know if/when it gets published, if you’re interested.

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